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Meet the experts: our MTWO consulting team

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The AEC industry plays a vital role in the global economy - it reached $8.9 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $16.5 billion by 2030. While this brings a lot of opportunity, AEC firms still face a number of challenges, including a shortage of qualified workers. Technology will play an integral role in helping businesses take on new projects as they look for ways to do more with less.

Leading the way is MTWO Construction Cloud, a game changer in the industry. Its robust functionality, connected data, and commitment to sustainability can deliver time and cost savings at every stage of the project lifecycle, transforming the way projects are delivered. SoftwareOne is the global distribution and service provider for MTWO Construction Cloud, But we know that technology doesn’t create impact on its own. It’s the people who implement that technology that makes the difference between business success or an expensive mistake.

Discover what it takes to become a SoftwareOne MTWO consultant and what you should be looking for in your AEC technology consultants.

Deep industry roots

It’s not enough to simply understand how construction cloud technology works, you need a team who understands the ins and outs of the AEC industry, how to efficiently manage construction projects and how technology can play a pivotal role in ensuring successful projects. We have assembled a team of consultants with deep industry roots.

Our team has previous experience as engineers, architects, and project managers to name a few. That’s because first-hand experience working in the AEC industry is a primary requirement to join our team of consulting professionals. They speak your local language and are fluent in industry terms and concepts. You will be working with a team who intuitively understand your challenges as they’ve been there. This reduces the learning curve and means you reach outcomes faster.

Rigorous training

When hired, our consultants go through a rigorous onboarding process to ensure an in-depth understanding of the software. This training enhances our consultants’ knowledge in software development and product implementation, complementing their extensive hands-on AEC experience.

MTWO certification

Our consultants earn their MTWO Certification before joining our team. To obtain the certification, consultants must demonstrate deep knowledge of MTWO’s capabilities, exhibit strong communication skills, and be able to utilise and configure the platform with ease. Our certification process ends with a presentation to a panel of judges and product experts who evaluate the skills acquired during the onboarding process.

Simulation Workshops

Our team is strategically located across the globe to better serve our clients. We have representation throughout NORAM, LATAM, APAC, and EMEA. But with our team members spread out, we also believe it’s important to come together for in-person collaboration. Our consulting teams gather in each region once a quarter to participate in group learning and workshop sessions. This includes activities such as presenting lessons learned through working with our clients and setting up mock implementation scenarios. These opportunities help our consultants further strengthen their skills, knowledge, and effectiveness with the software.

Don Boron from Digital Energy, a division of Schneider Electric, was impressed with the flexibility of MTWO and the presentation that the team gave at a recent workshop.

The team did a great job of preparing and understanding our business prior to our meeting and they tailored their presentation to our business and processes. The SoftwareOne team was also patient with us as we walked through the screens and asked our questions. They were able to give examples of where they could customize some data and screens to help us better manage our projects

Don Boron

Digital Energy

What else should your AEC technology partner provide?

End-to-end partnership

On AEC projects, continuity is everything. Our consulting team is your partner every step of the way, from ensuring a successful product implementation to helping you deliver project excellence. When you become a SoftwareOne MTWO Construction Cloud customer, a hand-selected team of consultants will be assigned to your account to work collaboratively with your internal team. Our consultants serve as developers, front line support, and project managers to assure we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Integration with broader IT intiatives

AEC organisations have very specific technology needs, but these don’t operate in isolation. SoftwareOne services span digital workplace solutions, IT asset management, software sourcing services, licensing and audit advisories, cloud migrations, FinOps, and application modernisation. This all-in-one approach makes it easy for our customers to work with a single provider who understands your various IT requirements and can work together to find the best, most affordable solutions to drive the business outcomes desired.

People working with people

AEC projects can be highly pressured and stressful. But it’s the team you work with, who have your back and who you can relate to that makes the difference. Our consultants hail from all over the globe with unique backgrounds and a variety of hobbies and interests. We have sports fans, music buffs, fitness enthusiasts, avid readers, artists, foodies, photographers, small business owners, nature lovers, and more. They bring their life experiences and different perspectives to the table, but one thing they all have in common is their desire to deliver for our clients. They are united in their passion for digitally transforming the AEC industry.

How can we help?

We take great pride in our consultants and the impact they’re having on the industry. We rely on their deep knowledge and want to share it with all of you. Now that you’ve gotten to know a little more about our experts, we’d like to introduce a new blog series that we’ll feature every two months: “Ask the Experts.” We’ll be sharing some of your feedback and most asked questions and getting our consultants’ take on industry trends and challenges. Please send any questions too our team. We’ve got you covered.


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Unleash the power to build better

Discover SoftwareOne's technology for the architecture, engineering and construction industries:


SoftwareOne blog editorial team
Blog Editorial Team