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Data and AI Services

AI is not just technology; it’s an enabler for organisations to achieve significant improvements in efficiency, insights, customer experience, and innovation. It’s about becoming a data-driven enterprise, powered by digital solutions.

The data and AI landscape is rapidly increasing in complexity. New models, platforms, tools, and applications are released to market each month. And behind the hype, exist some basic truths: AI relies on how well you’ve prepared and unified your data, and how well you’ve trained your model. Additionally, AI presents some tough challenges around scalability, security, and data governance.

AI-readiness challenges

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    Data management ranks first in top technical inhibitors to AI/ML

    (S&P Research, 2023)

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    AI/ML is accelerating across industries and within organisations, but only 28% have reached enterprise scale

    (S&P Research, 2023)

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    Generative AI is the second most-frequently cited risk by senior risk executives

    (Gartner, 2023)

Ignite AI with proven accelerators and practices

There are foundational elements, or threads, that must be knit together to make AI work. Each thread is essential, and omitting any of them can lead to the unravelling of an AI initiative. SoftwareOne understands how to weave the intelligence fabric that businesses need to succeed with data and AI.

SoftwareOne Intelligence Fabric
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Whitepaper: Data and business strategies for AI

AI can open a universe of new possibilities for your business, but how to do it right?

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We’ll help you turn AI aspirations into AI action

SoftwareOne Analytics and AI Advisory Services demystify AI and help your team understand the value and risks, pragmatically defining the capabilities needed for your organisation to adopt data-driven practices and scale analytics and AI. We’ll work with you to incorporate intelligent capabilities that can transform the way you operate and compete in the era of AI.

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Optimised innovation

SoftwareOne provides enterprise-grade digital transformation for businesses of all sizes, combining IT services, software licensing expertise, and applicable hyperscaler incentives to reduce costs. We ensure solutions are cost-optimised and underpinned by a strong business case for return on investment.

With top-tier partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, and Google, we have you covered. Build, modernise, and innovate with leading cloud providers.

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Get AI-ready

Reach out to our experts to schedule an AI scoping session for you and your team.

Get AI-ready

Reach out to our experts to schedule an AI scoping session for you and your team.