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Блог SoftwareONE

Блог SoftwareONE

Блог SoftwareONE містить контент від авторів нашої глобальної компанії. Наші спеціалісти надають цінну інформацію про найновіші технології, продуктові релізи або тенденції у ІТ галузі. Якщо ви хочете бути в курсі всіх подій, підпишіться на RSS канал нашого блогу.

A Holistic View of Cloud Cost Optimization

Right-Sizing and Right-Costing: A Holistic View of Cloud Cost Optimization

Right-sizing and right-costing may be very different, but they are equally important to cloud cost optimization. Read this post to learn more.


Integrating FinOps into the Next Generation of SLM

When you integrate FinOps into the next generation of SLM, you can enjoy lower costs and greater productivity in the cloud with limited drawbacks. Learn more.

The Mindset of Change: It’s a personal Choice | SoftwareONE Blog
  • 21 квітня 2021
  • Adoption and Change Management
  • Digital Transformation, Change Management

The Mindset of Change: It’s a Personal Choice

Find out why a change(d) mindset should be part of every transformation and change management journey.

  • 21 квітня 2021
  • Erik Moll
  • Future Workplace, User Productivity
  • Microsoft, Teams

Why Teams Breakout Rooms are a Game Changer for Collaboration

Several new updates to Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms have been rolled out in an effort to make the workplace more productive than ever. Learn more.


Creating the Software Infrastructure Nonprofits Need to Transform Lives

Transforming your software infrastructure can help your nonprofit do more good at a lower expense. However, there are some barriers to clear first.

Principles for Working with Microsoft 365
  • 14 квітня 2021
  • User Productivity, Digital Transformation, Adoption and Change Management
  • Future Workplace, People enablement, Technology Transformation, Microsoft 365, ACM

Principles for Working with M365

Four principles to consider when setting up and working with Microsoft 365.

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