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SAP Services

SAP's Intelligent Enterprise solution is the backbone of many businesses. Without it, operations would grind to a halt. With support for SAP ECC ending in 2027, you face critical decisions about how to modernise SAP systems by moving from ECC to SAP S/4HANA, whether in the data centre, cloud, or using RISE with SAP subscription services. Failure to understand SAP licensing and service models, technical architecture, and cloud usage can lead to spiralling costs and considerable audit risk.

SoftwareOne SAP Services deliver one of the industry's deepest SAP- and hyperscaler-certified technical team, with over 80 SAP cloud migration and SAP S/4HANA conversion projects and 10+ RISE engagements completed. We provide the expertise that makes SAP serve your business goals so that you can grow without infrastructure worries.

Your SAP at the crossroads

As ECC support winds down and the system becomes outdated, unable to support the pace of change required, you face many choices about your SAP environment's future. Your hosting options include:

  • Keeping your systems in the data centre.
  • Moving existing SAP data and workloads to a cloud-native deployment.
  • Adopting RISE with SAP subscription services hosted on your preferred hyperscaler cloud.

Additionally, you must decide on a conversion or implementation strategy for SAP S/4HANA, whether taking a greenfield approach or an iterative brownfield or bluefield path to improve existing systems. SoftwareOne helps you make sense of these options and will design, develop and manage your SAP systems no matter your approach.

Our specialists believe the power of SAP in the cloud provides the best foundation for your organisation's future. It offers better scalability and management tools unavailable in the data centre. Running SAP on the cloud also delivers time and money-saving automation, AI, deep learning, and IoT-driven business capabilities that give you fine-grained insights into enterprise performance and control over cloud spending. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google recognise our SAP S/4HANA and cloud certified specialists for their implementation and managed services excellence. Where are you on the path?

We deliver certified SAP expertise and FinOps guidance for every hyperscaler network


A reputation built on SAP success

We measure ourselves by the positive impact and successful outcomes delivered to customers over more than a decade of SAP projects. Our SAP delivery consultants have established a track record of success based on five core principles that define our ERP and digital transformation process.

  • People and skills

    SAP projects require diverse thinking. Our local, cross-disciplinary team applies more than a decade’s experience to deliver SAP on the cloud without disruptions to your business.

  • Platform expertise

    Our vendor-agnostic insights based on deep SAP hosting partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, and Google deliver the latest technology. Our advice improves outcomes under RISE with SAP.

  • Accelerated delivery

    Improve your resilience and adaptability faster. We complete complex SAP S/4HANA cloud implementation and conversion projects on budget, with less risk than other providers.

  • Simplify decision-making

    We provide an SAP commercial and licensing plan with detailed explanations of the benefits and budget. Get the right fit for your needs, and we implement monitoring that keeps you compliant.

  • Customer centricity

    We keep you informed and answer all questions about your SAP ecosystem investment, new functionality and integrations that extend your business insights.

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We are ready to lend you a hand with SAP

Wherever you are in your SAP journey, SoftwareOne has solved many of the problems you may face. Tell us about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

We are ready to lend you a hand with SAP

Wherever you are in your SAP journey, SoftwareOne has solved many of the problems you may face. Tell us about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.