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The SoftwareONE blog features content from authors across our company. Our specialists give insight into the latest technology topics, product releases or industry trends. If you want to stay up-to-date, just subscribe to the Blog's RSS feed.

IT Insights, November: What Has Been Going on in the World of IT
  • 08 desember 2022
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • IT Market, Publisher Advisory
  • Trends, News, Updates

IT Insights, November

The tech world is such a rapidly developing field that it can sometimes be hard to stay up to date. With our monthly IT insights, you’ll stay in the know. Read SoftwareONE’s November news, vendor insights and trending topics.

The 5 Cs of FinOps: Collaboration | SoftwareONE Blog
  • 01 desember 2022
  • Dan Ortman
  • FinOps, Cloud Spend Management
  • Cloud Financial Management, Cloud Spend Management, Collaboration, IT Management

The 5 Cs of FinOps: Collaboration

FinOps is an operating model that incorporates the 5 Cs. Let’s discuss the fifth C of FinOps: collaboration.

Major Update to ITAM Framework | SoftwareONE Blog

ISO 19770-10: Implementing an ITAM Best Practice Framework

This guide will introduce ISO19770-10 to our customers and describe the benefits of implementing ITAM processes within a business.

SAP S/4HANA Journey
  • 15 november 2022
  • SAP Services, SAP S-4HANA
  • SAP, Technology Transformation, Cloud, Azure, AWS, Google, RISE, S-4HANA

Key Decisions on Your Road to SAP S/4HANA

Moving to SAP S/4HANA is not just another simple ECC upgrade; it is a new system built on top of SAP’s database HANA. Prepare for your next steps.

Cyber Security Update, October 2022
  • 15 november 2022
  • Bala Sethunathan
  • Managed Security, Cybersecurity User Awareness, Cybersecurity
  • Cyber Security, Cyber Threats, Security

Cyber Security Update, October 2022

Get the latest in Cyber Security news, breaches, trends and preventive measures from SoftwareONE’s October Cyber Security Update

Mitigating Risk with Technology | SoftwareONE Blog
  • 09 november 2022
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • Construction Cloud, MTWO Construction Cloud
  • construction, Risk Management, MTWO

Mitigating Risk with Technology

Technology can help construction businesses mitigate risk by providing an array of benefits, including greater mobility, automation, monitoring, collaboration, and safety.

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