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Human ingenuity powers technology

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Meet the Swomies, the heart of SoftwareOne.

It takes a Swomie to conjure software and cloud magic. Our 9,250+ employees add the essential ingredient, human inspiration, that makes our technology solutions come to life and deliver an engaging work experience for customers in 150 countries.

We would love to introduce you to every one of the wonderful people on our team. Here are just a few notable Swomies that reflect the pride we take in the diverse backgrounds and passions our team brings to work and share in their communities. Those qualities are the foundation of the intelligence and compassion that ensure we can address our customers' wide-ranging business, cultural and technical challenges with creativity and grit.

Our Leadership

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Caressa De Marie

HR Business Partner – Benelux

In her most recent role as HR Business Partner for our Services and Multivendor departments, Caressa is a change agent working to align business priorities in the Benelux region. She contributes to our Great Place to Work program in the Netherlands and the SoftwareOne Foundation's support for charities, including the National Foundation for Elderly and Foodbank.

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Gaurav Bhattia

Customer Centre of Excellence

Over more than a decade with SoftwareOne, Gaurav has distinguished himself with technical and business acumen that connects customers and teams across multiple industries. He is an Indian percussionist who plays drum (dhol) at charitable and social events for people with disabilities, the elderly, and the LGBTQ+ community.

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Jaime Ajami

Azure Growth Lead – North America

Jaime's five years at SoftwareOne are distinguished by his success in engineering, sales leadership, and strategy to innovate and enhance our portfolio to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. Outside work, he enjoys the Charleston, S.C. restaurant scene, being on the water with his dog, attending ball games, and time on the golf course. He supports the local United Way, ALS Association, and Chamber of Commerce.

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Gilbert Ginn

Service Operations, NORAM

A 10-year veteran at SoftwareOne, Gilbert is Post-Integration Leader for regional professional services and project delivery in North America. Based in San Francisco, he supports integrating acquired companies into our culture, sales, financial, and service delivery models. He is an avid reader and aspiring golfer who enjoys time with his family.

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Colleen Paavola

HR Operations Manager, NORAM

A graduate of DePaul University, Colleen leads our human resources operations team at U.S. headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has raised over $10,000 for local education and support of ovarian cancer patients. "Travelling the world to meet my colleagues and winning the People & Culture Employee of the Year award in 2021 are highlights of my 17 years at SoftwareOne."

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