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SoftwareONE Acquired B-lay

SoftwareONE Brings B-lay Into the Fold

After the acquisition of B-lay we sat down with Darryl Sackett, SoftwareONE’s Global Director of SLM to discuss the recent acquisition.

Enhance Your Digital Document Workflow With Adobe Sign
  • 14 lipca 2020
  • Tobias Hübner
  • User Productivity, Digital Transformation, Publisher Advisory

Enhance Your Digital Document Workflow With Adobe Sign

Switch to electronic document workflows in the course of the digital transformation. Learn how to digitize your signing processes.

The Art of Partnering
  • 07 lipca 2020
  • Paul O'Connor

The Art of Partnering

We are no stranger to the world of IT partnering. Our ONEClub stands above the rest in building productive partners ecosystems. Some might even say there’s an art to it.

Digital Inclusion in the Times of Remote Work
  • 02 lipca 2020
  • Simon Bishop
  • Digital Transformation

Digital Inclusion for Remote Working

Digital Inclusion is more than just meeting a requirement. Learn more about how you can support your team members with impairments while they work from home.

How Insights Into Software Portfolio Drive Innovation and Cost Savings

How Insights Into Your Software Portfolio Drives Innovation and Cost Savings

Let's talk about the importance of software and cloud insights and cost savings for organizations.

Unites Partners in Virtual Event
  • 30 czerwca 2020
  • Paul O'Connor
  • Digital Transformation

SoftwareONE Unites Partners in Virtual Event

This year’s Microsoft Inspire event will be hosted in a digital-only format, July 21-22. Here are all facts you need to know about the upcoming event.

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