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Her Yönüyle Erişim Yönetimi
  • 04 Mart 2021
  • Abdulmelik Kalkan

Erişim Yönetimi: Kritik bilgiye giden güvenli kapınız!

Tüm kullanıcılar uygulamalarına her zaman, her yerde ve her cihazdan sorunsuz ve güvenli bir şekilde erişmek istiyor. Bunun tek bir güvenli yolu var: Erişim Yönetimi.


A Cost-Effective SaaS Model Demands Reliable SLM Processes

Purchasing SaaS but not adapting your software asset management strategy can have intense financial ramifications. Don’t worry - a good SLM strategy can help. Learn more.

  • 03 Mart 2021
  • Digital Transformation, User Productivity

Customer Roundtable: Embracing New Ways of Working

We wanted to reflect on how Adoption Change Management (ACM) has gone for a few of our SoftwareONE customers and where they believe their journeys are headed. Read more.

  • 02 Mart 2021
  • Digital Transformation

Key Factors Impacting Future Growth for ISVs

ISVs are turning to SoftwareONE's ONEClub to transform, optimize and scale their business to build for long-term growth.


Put Your Money Where Your Oracle Use Is

How can you optimize your Oracle usage and save costs? Achieving cost savings might be your final goal, but in order to reach it, there are a few steps you need to take.

  • 25 Şubat 2021
  • Bala Sethunathan
  • Managed Security

Creating a Cybersecurity Program

Cybercriminals aren’t only targeting vulnerabilities in your infrastructure – they’re targeting your employees too. Learn how awareness can stop them.

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