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The job of procurement teams isn’t getting any easier. Organisations use an average of 371 SaaS applications, with large enterprises using a huge 473 different applications*. Unless procurement teams can take control of software purchases, companies are at risk of shadow IT and uncontrolled costs. But trying to manage purchases of that many individual applications is an enormous drain on time and resources.

SoftwareOne saves you time buying and managing software purchases with SoftwareOne Marketplace. Our Marketplace platform, built on our 30+ years of licensing experience, simplifies procurement giving you access to 7,500 different software vendors and their extensive product ranges all from a single place. You can browse, buy, manage and monitor your purchases, taking the guesswork out of software procurement and getting maximum value.

Source: Business Wire / Productiv

Benefits of buying software through our Marketplace

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    Easier vendor management

    SoftwareOne Marketplace serves as a centralised platform where you can discover, compare and procure software licenses from multiple vendors in one place.

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    Streamlined procurement

    Our Marketplace streamlines software procurement so your users receive exceptional service. We provide custom catalogues with purchasing approval workflows to help standardise procurement processes.

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    Licenses & renewal management

    Track and manage licenses in one place. Manage your asset inventory and license keys. Plan, govern and manage upcoming software and maintenance renewals on a continuous basis.

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    Expert help and support

    Should you require any help, licensing, vendor or procurement advice, our dedicated support teams and licensing experts are just a click away to ensure you have a smooth procurement journey.

Five steps to easier procurement

Take back control of your software procurement in five easy steps.

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Step 1: Go to Marketplace

Open the menu and navigate to Marketplace >> Products.

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Step 2: Search products

Search for the product/s you want to buy.

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Step 3: Add to cart

Select the preferred currency and add to cart.

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Step 4: Confirm details

Check billing details and payment method.

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Step 5: Place order

Place the order and download a pdf copy if needed.

Marketplace services

We know that every company is unique, that is why our services are tailored to your exact needs. Our global team of vendor specialists are based in over 90 countries, and our aim is to ensure that your needs are met wherever you are, no matter what the size of your organisation.

We have designed our Marketplace services to empower your procurement team by providing access to the right vendor experts, who will respond rapidly to quotation requests, so your team can make informed procurement decisions based on your specific requirements and budget.

  • Marketplace Express

    Rapid quotation and procurement from a catalogue of frequently purchased products from 350 of the world's leading software vendors.

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  • Marketplace Elite

    Specialist expertise for the sourcing, quotation and procurement of new, non-standard or infrequently purchased software from over 7,500 SoftwareOne partners.

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  • Digital Supply Chain

    Our service allows users to procure all approved software from a custom catalogue, supported by automated workflows and procurement integration, supported by a dedicated team of procurement experts.

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Login to SoftwareOne Marketplace

Through SoftwareOne Marketplace, you get access to our digital marketplace where you can browse, buy, manage, and monitor software purchases from over 7,500 publishers. If you don't have access, please get in touch with your dedicated account manager.

Login to SoftwareOne Marketplace
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Procure from one, not hundreds.

Contact us to find out how we can help make your procurement faster, better, simpler and more cost effective.

Procure from one, not hundreds.

Contact us to find out how we can help make your procurement faster, better, simpler and more cost effective.