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Reduced risk

Business risk is everywhere — geopolitical crises, climate change, economic fluctuations, global pandemics, cyberattacks, emerging competitors, new technologies and cultural shifts. But organisations face internal risks too, from malicious employees and unintended mistakes, to poorly executed decisions and technology failings. It is impossible to avoid risk. But smart organisations put measures in place to identify, manage and eliminate risk as much as possible.

The benefits of good risk management means fewer financial losses, reduced reputation damage, improved planning, productivity and decision making, and demonstrates strong leadership.

“Risk is just an expensive substitute for information.” – Adrian Slywotsky

SoftwareOne has 9,000 experts armed with the information, knowledge and experience to help you reduce risk. We mitigate potential threats and uncertainties in your business operations by using digital technologies and solutions. This includes enhancing data security, ensuring compliance, improving system redundancies, and enabling proactive identification and management of vulnerabilities. Here’s how:

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Cloud Migration

Move to the cloud to reduce security risks associated with out-of-date legacy solutions by using up-to-date cloud technology, and benefit from built-in resiliency against outages and disasters with redundant infrastructure and automated failovers. When moving you to the cloud, we ensure proper security controls, governance and compliance policies are in place using SoftwareOne’s proven methodology and best practices.

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Cloud Operations

Once you’re in the cloud, we help you clarify your security strategy and policies for infrastructure, data, access and incident detection. We define your security posture and risk profile to determine your vulnerabilities. And we give you visibility of your business security risks and align this with governance and compliance best practices.

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Data Foundations

Data is a critical source of information — and exposure — in your organisation. We protect your organisation from data mishandling and potential breaches with our comprehensive data governance and security services. Confidently navigate the intricate landscape of global data regulations, ensuring compliance and safeguarding against costly legal challenges.

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Application Modernisation

Aging legacy applications present security vulnerabilities. But they also open your organisation to business risks like losing clients due to poor, outdated or non-functioning UI/UX, or missed opportunities due to legacy applications that are unable to integrate with new technologies and processes. We help you assess and modernise your existing applications to reduce these risks.

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Application Security

Cyber security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is a business imperative to find and fix vulnerabilities across your applications. We identify potential security vulnerabilities in your existing application portfolio and use diagnostic tests to discover areas for improvement. We create a mitigation plan to address vulnerabilities and ensure a robust security posture.

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SAP Journey

SAP systems are the workhorse of many organisations and downtime can have expensive ramifications. Operationally we reduce your SAP risk by planning a smooth migration to cloud and conversion to S/4HANA, optimising data management and minimising downtime. We prioritise seamless network integration, resilient disaster recovery, and effective infrastructure transition strategies. We also help reduce financial risk by identifying potential pitfalls and vulnerabilities, whether choosing RISE or a native cloud approach. Plus we help you avoid compliance risks that can result in audits or true-up costs, as well as unplanned costs due to missing components not considered in the initial contract.

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Customer Experience

Growing compliance and customer regulations can impact your ability to understand your customers’ needs and preferences. We help you understand and engage with your customers more meaningfully despite regulatory limitations, preparing your frontline and customer-facing teams to avoid risk while giving customers a better experience.

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Workplace AI

Modern workplaces are run by humans, but powered by AI. There are risks associated with both. SoftwareOne helps you implement sanctioned Workplace AI to prevent unregulated and unsupervised use of AI solutions by employees, which can lead to security breaches and compliance violations. We help you standardise and automate documentation and reporting, reducing the risk of human error in critical tasks and enhance decision-making processes with data-driven recommendations.

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IT Asset Management and Application Portfolio Management

SoftwareOne’s ITAM strategy and governance services lower audit and miscalculated true-up risks with a frequently updated, centralised asset inventory. We reduce operational risks with standardised processes and give guidance on retiring obsolete hardware to avert security risks. Our usage analytics identifies high-risk assets for priority remediation. And we help you avoid penalties and minimise your risk profile with improved data transparency and policy automation. Our Application Portfolio Management services reduce your vulnerabilities by addressing legacy technologies and technical debt.

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Publisher Advisory

Software licensing is complex and constantly evolving. Organisations need to ensure compliance, while optimising spend and negotiating contracts. SoftwareOne helps you make data-driven decisions thanks to enhanced visibility of your environment and puts you in a stronger negotiating position for contract renewals armed with deep insights about deployments, usage, spend and efficiency. We reduce your risk in the event of an audit with our audit support advisories.

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Sourcing and Demand Management

SoftwareOne creates globally compliant workflows for requests, approvals, and PO/invoicing to reduce unapproved buying risks and governance issues. We embed automatic compliance checks and policy enforcement into buying processes and use dashboards for real-time visibility into budgets to avoid cost overruns. Our licensing experts review contract terms for sub-optimal deals and minimise compliance risks with audit-ready documentation.

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Risk reduction in action

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Reduce your risk, and your worry

Talk to our team today about the best services to help your organisation prepare for the unexpected and reduce risk.

Reduce your risk, and your worry

Talk to our team today about the best services to help your organisation prepare for the unexpected and reduce risk.