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SaaS Management Services

By 2030, 80% of the software we use will be Software as a Service (SaaS). This surge in SaaS offerings is driven by the numerous advantages they provide, including ease of deployment, scalability, automatic updates, compatibility, lower operating and maintenance costs, and faster time to value. But while the benefits are many, SaaS applications bring with them significant cost, security, and visibility challenges that have increased the demands on license management and IT governance strategies.

SoftwareOne’s SaaS Management Services empower customers to take control of their SaaS portfolios to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and ensure visibility. By providing comprehensive visibility into their SaaS footprint, analysing spend, and assessing SaaS management maturity, SoftwareOne helps customers identify their biggest pain points and develop strategies to effectively manage their Software as a Service portfolio.

SaaS Management Challenges

  • SaaS Visibility

    Decentralised purchasing makes it difficult to monitor and manage SaaS spend and portfolio growth.

  • Shadow IT

    Most SaaS applications go unreported and are difficult to detect with traditional discovery solutions, leaving your organisation exposed to unmanaged financial, compliance, and security risks.

  • Consumption Management

    Adequate and reliable consumption monitoring can be challenging in the cloud, leading to compliance issues and cost overruns.

  • Vendor Lock-In

    Lack of centralised purchasing and contract management oversight can result in inflexible and unpredictable contracts and subscriptions.

  • Cost Optimisation

    Without clear visibility into your SaaS portfolio and contracts, you could be missing out on cost optimisation opportunities.

  • Security

    Unmanaged SaaS application catalogues can open the door to potential security breaches, and data leaks, which could potentially damage your business operations and reputation.

  • License Compliance

    Without an effective SaaS license management process, you risk violating license terms and conditions which could lead to costly fees and fines. Though many believe otherwise, SaaS application usage still needs to be compliant with terms and conditions.

  • Data Protection Compliance

    Violating GDPR and other national and local data protection laws can leave you with hefty penalties and cost you the trust of your customers.

Take advantage of practical insights, data-driven advice, and real solutions.

Our SaaS Management Services support clients by envisioning, advising, and proposing solutions tailored to their needs. We provide practical, data-driven insights to help you gain real, long-term control of your SaaS environment

We offer

Phase 1 – SaaS Visibility and Advisory

  • A SaaS Management maturity assessment
  • Comprehensive inventory of all your SaaS applications
  • An analysis of SaaS spend and consumption
  • Define a high-level SaaS Management roadmap based on customer priorities and identified risks

Phase 2 – Solution Development

  • SAM for SaaS
  • Shadow IT process and governance advisory/consulting
  • SaaS procurement and contract management as a service
  • Dedicated tier 1 SaaS Publisher Commercial Advisory (e.g., Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft Office 365)
  • Ongoing cost containment recommendations and strategy, including optimisation, standardisation and rationalisation of your entire SaaS portfolio (as part of a comprehensive Application Portfolio Management service)

You get

  • Increased visibility of SaaS usage across your entire organisation
  • Increased control of your IT budget
  • Reduced GDPR compliance risks
  • Improved IT security by managing SaaS applications across your entire organisation
  • Strengthened negotiating position
  • Only the subscriptions you need at the right price
  • Predictable IT costs
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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.