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How Insights Into Software Portfolio Drive Innovation and Cost Savings

How Insights Into Your Software Portfolio Drives Innovation and Cost Savings

Let's talk about the importance of software and cloud insights and cost savings for organizations.

Oversized and Underutilized
  • 09 June 2020
  • Neomal Wickramasekera
  • PyraCloud
  • Microsoft 365, Office 365, 365Simple, 365 Analytics

Oversized and Underutilized Microsoft 365 Investments

Often Microsoft Office365 licenses are underutilized or oversized, learn how to lower costs by as much as 14 percent by accurately profiling employees.

  • 27 May 2020
  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • PyraCloud, Managed Cloud
  • AWS, Azure

Mike Fitzgerald on GorillaStack Acquisition

SoftwareONE’s Chief Innovation Officer talks more about their GorillaStack acquisition to accelerate Azure and AWS cloud management capabilities.

Digital Supply Chain
  • 20 May 2020
  • Shadi Khoshab
  • Digital Supply Chain, PyraCloud
  • Risk Management, Compliance

The Benefits of Building an Effective Software Digital Supply Chain

Building a software digital supply chain can make your organization more efficient and evade risks – all while cost optimizing. Learn more about why DSCs provide these benefits.

  • 22 April 2020
  • Dawn Clifton
  • Digital Supply Chain, PyraCloud, Managed Cloud
  • Strategy, Challenges, IT budget management

Managing Tail Spend in Your Software Digital Supply Chain

Tail spending can cause a massive amount of waste in organizations. Let’s explore why software tail spend occurs, and how it can be minimized.

  • 31 March 2020
  • Todd Golden
  • Managed Cloud, PyraCloud
  • Management, Tips, Transition

Cloud Cost Management Tips for Your Cloud Transition

It can be difficult to reel in cloud spending after you’ve already deployed cloud assets. Let’s take a look at key ways to control your cloud costs.

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