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Cloud Workload Security: Should You Worry About It?

Cloud Workload Security: Should You Worry About It?

We’re breaking down how cloud workload security works, the common risks associated with cloud workloads, and steps to ensure the security of your cloud workload.

  • 14 January 2021
  • Javid Khan
  • Digital Transformation, Managed Cloud, Application Services
  • AWS, Application Modernization, Server Management, Advisory, Cloud Readiness, Migration Readiness

SoftwareONE becomes AWS Migration Competency Partner

As one of the few global AWS Migration Consulting Partners we are your strategic business advisor to accelerate your cloud adoption journey while helping you reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security.

Continuously Optimizing the Value of Your Microsoft Investment | SoftwareONE Blog

Optimizing the Value of Your Microsoft Investment

Microsoft contracts are complex. Learn how to ensure you have the right knowledge to adjust every time you make a change and avoid overspending on software licenses.

SoftwareONE certified

SoftwareONE Certified by FinOps Foundation

We could not be more pleased to announce SoftwareONE and PyraCloud’s FinOps certifications and our partnership with the FinOps Foundation. Learn more about this new journey.

  • 15 December 2020
  • Valeria Valencia
  • Managed Cloud, SAP Services
  • SAP, Azure, AWS, Public Cloud, SAP Managed Services, Platform, MonitorSimple

Manage SAP Business Critical Applications in the Hyperscaler Cloud

Find out how we can help you to manage SAP critical workloads in the public cloud. Minimize your business operations and get the proper framework for intelligent operations and automation.

  • 01 December 2020
  • Daniel DaVinci
  • Managed Cloud, SAP Services
  • Microsoft, SAP, Azure

Plan Your Roadmap for SAP on Azure

Find out how SAP Advisory Services can support your business plan for your adoption of the Azure Cloud for SAP with our standardized approach, experienced resources, tooling, and accelerators.

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