How to Get Visibility & Control Over Your SAP Finances

360° SAP Evaluation

How to Get Visibility & Control Over Your SAP Finances

How to Gain Visibility Of Your SAP Licensing Costs

With employees working outside of the traditional office, businesses want solutions that their employees can connect to from any location, and they want this power available on a scalable basis. Additionally, they’re adopting more and more IoT solutions to help run their business, and a cloud solution is perfectly outfitted to accommodate this piece of a digital transformation strategy. SAP S/4HANA provides the underlying infrastructure to support all of these initiatives.

It’s clear that businesses now want to embrace S/4HANA – but at the same time, they need to attain complete visibility and control of their financial situation before they can get organizational buy-in to begin this transition. Understanding the existing environment is a crucial step to consider before moving to S/4HANA. Let’s have a closer look at the reasons.

The Current SAP Landscape

Previously, if a business was interested in converting to S/4HANA, they would need to begin a challenging search for an experienced SAP consultant to guide them through the process. However, the pandemic has only heightened the challenge of finding a skilled SAP consultant, as more businesses are clamoring for a chance to have their environment assessed and optimized. This outpouring of demand has had a direct influence on the pricing for projects and consultants, making the expense and effort associated with transitioning even more daunting.

Thankfully, there’s another way to assess your existing SAP environment and receive the visibility and advisory required to really start thinking about a proper migration strategy to S/4HANA.

How to Minimize SAP-Related Expenses

SAP S/4HANA is inevitable – eventually, companies are going to need to retire their existing SAP solution. However, before this takes place, businesses need to know one fundamental thing: What they already have BEFORE migrating to S/4HANA – meaning the contractual methodology, the pricing and the current licensing estate. SoftwareONE and Snow Software’s 360° SAP Evaluation is the ideal starting point. Snow Software and SoftwareONE have teamed up to help you optimize your SAP spend and reduce audit and compliance risks. Our special offer, 360° SAP Evaluation, combines SoftwareONE’s commercial licensing expertise and experience with Snow Software’s technology and technical services to provide you with an accurate and holistic SAP license position.

By embracing SoftwareONE’s licensing expertise and experience with Snow Software’s technology and technical services, we help your business enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complete knowledge and visibility over your entire SAP estate
  • Guidance to attain full compliance for all SAP assets
  • Optimization of your existing SAP licenses
  • Assistance managing indirect/digital access
  • The ability to identify and remove inactive or duplicate users
  • Recommendations for further savings
  • Relevant knowledge you can leverage during your S/4HANA contract negotiation

The process to gain these benefits is simple. After setting up the 360° SAP Evaluation and analyzing your SAP assets, the combination of Snow technology and SoftwareONE expertise will grant you full visibility of your SAP estate. And it doesn’t end there. After the initial set-up and analysis, Snow Software will continue to allow you to take advantage of Snow Optimizer for SAP Software for a full year from purchase, and SoftwareONE’s SAP licensing and commercial advisory experts will work with you to ensure you extract maximum value from your investment in our services. SoftwareONE will even provide a second review of the output from the tool on request, allowing you to derive maximum value from your investment. This could even be used to coincide with your annual SAP audit.

The Power of SoftwareONE & Snow Software’s 360° SAP Evaluation

Without doubt, the importance of S/4HANA for modern enterprises is going to transform the way that we use – and pay for – SAP. However, before planning your conversion strategy to S/4HANA businesses need to start taking action today to learn about their SAP estate and find out exactly what they have.

By doing what it takes to attain a holistic view of their SAP environment, businesses will be able to enjoy a range of financial benefits, including optimized licenses, improved management of indirect/digital access, the removal of inactive or duplicate users, and – best of all – an advantageous position when they begin negotiations for SAP S/4HANA.

Once you have assessed your current landscape, you need to think about the “how” of moving to S/4 HANA. This is not a straightforward process, but in addition to our licensing and usage analysis offerings, SoftwareONE has dedicated services to help you with making the technical and contractual move to S/4HANA. We can help you renegotiate your SAP contracts, and provide Implementation Services, specifically in the Cloud.

Obtain Fully Visibility & Control Over Your SAP Assets

SoftwareONE & Snow Software’s 360° Evaluation will give your team the tools they need to optimize their SAP estate.

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Mathijs Ten Tusscher

Solution Consultant at Snow Software

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