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Ensuring Seamless Collaboration

Data Backup and Audit Defense During Tumultuous Times

Ensuring Seamless Collaboration, Data Backup and Audit Defense During Tumultuous Times

Back when I wrote my Top Technology Trends for 2020 blog just a few short weeks ago in January I don’t think anyone could have predicted what the state of business, and the underlying technology needs to support it, would be. However, the areas of importance that I spoke to certainly still hold true – specifically data and digital transformation – and the needs of both are more necessary than ever.

From a Digital Transformation standpoint, organizations found themselves having to move to a completely remote workforce sometimes in just a matter of days and weeks, in order to continue to serve their customers while keeping their employees safe. At SoftwareONE we have always been able to work from virtually anywhere in the world, so we are fortunate to not only be able to continue to focus on the business, but to be here for our customers as well. We have recently made it easier for you to leverage our expertise in the area of remote work by providing Teams to our existing and new customers – to learn more about our recent offer please visit here. Essentially we are providing you the ability to move to our 365Simple Premium solution for an evaluation period of 6 months – ensuring your communication and collaboration capabilities are fully functional.

Likewise we understand that along with keeping your employees enabled to do their job, your data – and protecting said data – is essential to keeping the momentum of the business on an upward swing. SoftwareONE’s BackupSimple will now be available for free for 6 months to help organizations provide a centralized backup and recovery system – taking the worry of at least one burden off of your IT team for a period of time during a crisis.

Currently many organizations are doing all they can to both enable the business and provide a resilient business model in terms of working from home and remote worker arrangements. To make this happen quickly we have seen many organizations turn on the software spend and consumption taps. A necessity today, but an exposure in the post-COVID-19 era. Download our SAMSimple offering – currently for free for the next 6 months – to be sure you can stay ahead of understanding license agreements, usage data of your current software estate (whether on-premises or in the cloud), and of course contract management of your key publisher relationships. SAMSimple will reduce your outlying risk, reduce your overall software costs in a time of uncertainty and streamline your license management.

Whether you are an avid or casual reader of our blog you know that we typically don’t do such brazen product placements – however unusual times call for unusual messaging. We want you to know what is available to you – today – to help you through times of uncertainty. If you have any questions on the above offerings please visit or I urge you to please reach out to me and the entire leadership team at any point. We are in this together and with proven technology solutions we can also get through this together.

Yours in solidarity while maintaining 6 feet of respectable distance – Dieter.

Working from Home in Uncertain Times

Whether it’s remote work, managing costs or preparing for what the future may or may not bring in terms of how we connect, collaborate and communicate you need to be ready – and we are your partner for stability and innovation.

Discover our Remote Workplace Solutions

“At SoftwareONE our core values are ingrained in our culture and we use those as our guiding principles no matter the current business environment. In times like these we look to go above and beyond when it comes to customer focus to provide you with the technology solutions you need to keep your business not only on stable ground, but thriving through turbulent times.”

– Dieter Schlosser, CEO, SoftwareONE

Dieter Schlosser, CEO SoftwareONE

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Dieter Schlosser, CEO SoftwareONE

Dieter Schlosser

CEO SoftwareONE

Dieter Schlosser is the Chief Executive Officer of SoftwareONE since January 2019.

He joined SoftwareONE in 2012 as Chief Operating Officer and previously held several positions in the IT departments of large companies in the oil & gas, mining, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors.

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