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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

If you’re looking for a way to bring your team together virtually in one shared work space without the cost of committing to a monthly fee, then Microsoft Teams is the answer for you. The free version of Microsoft Teams is primarily designed for small businesses and groups that do not have commercial Office 365 subscriptions. These organizations will be able to use this tool as a hub for teamwork and can discover the value of Office 365 as they grow and scale. It is also beneficial for enterprise organizations that desire to have a deeper integration between their collaboration platform and their Office products which may not exist in their current platform. Unlimited messages and search, use of Word, Excel, Power Point, and One Note in Teams, and screen sharing are just some of the features that are included. Additionally, Teams is currently available in more than 150 markets and in over 44 languages making it accessible for organizations all over the world.

Coexisting in the Microsoft World

For customers already using Skype for Business, adopting Microsoft Teams is the logical next step. Until Teams fully replaces Skype for Business, customers can use both tools and determine their own timing for officially moving over to Teams. This allows for those who are not quite ready to upgrade to realize the benefits of the tool while continuing to use Skype for Business. If users do choose to use both tools at the same time, there are a few options as to how they can coexist.

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Collaboration independent of location and time requires specialized tools. These are often cost-worthy and need a specific infrastructure. Keeping up with the requirements of the modern workplace is especially challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited financial resources. SMEs will now benefit from the fact that Mircosoft offers its collaboration solution Teams for free as a standalone option.

In 2017, Microsoft began a soft launch of their new application Microsoft Teams, a collaboration platform that will eventually replace Skype for Business. Not only is this tool completely free, it can be used as a standalone option for businesses and groups that don’t currently use Office 365. With it’s features fully loaded as of 2018, Teams has become a great option for organizations looking to bring their users together in a virtual work space to chat, collaborate on files, and work with some of their favorite Microsoft apps. Whether you‘re an organization looking for a new collaboration platform or already a user of Skype for Business, Teams is the perfect, no-strings-attached alternative.

  • Friday 15 February 2019

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