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The Impact on Recruiting

3 Ways VR Will Revolutionize The Candidate Journey

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Companies need to come up with new tricks on the increasingly competitive labor market if they want to recruit the right specialists along the candidate journey. Cutting edge technologies like virtual reality can be part of the solution, but how?

Virtual and augmented reality are increasingly gaining a foothold in companies across all industries and will, in the future, radically transform the world of work. This is now accepted as a fact, and not just by experts. It’s also the reason why HR departments are gradually discovering the benefits these technologies can offer. But where precisely can virtual and augmented reality be deployed within the wider field of human resources?

I’d like to use this blog article to present two application scenarios that might raise your awareness for new approaches in the field of recruiting.

As a modern form of publicizing vacancies, image films are nothing new. The idea is to convey an impression of your company to potential applicants in just a few minutes. But I believe they are essentially the same as the glossy brochures by many companies. They require sophisticated production and are standard practice for lots or organizations, but their added value in the modern world is practically negligible and was overtaken some time ago by content marketing in the field of customer acquisition. Traditional image films will eventually suffer the same fate, and they will barely be able to lure potential applicants or customers at all.

It will be necessary to take the candidate journey to a whole new level and to make it more intense in order to recruit specialists in tomorrow’s world. In a nutshell: Companies need to set themselves apart in the “war for talent” – but how?

Virtual reality (VR) is at least part of the solution to offer potential applicants immersive insight into any working and professional world, wherever they happen to be and at any time – as if they were right there in the thick of things. It walks the tightrope between authenticity and entertainment and in doing so makes the company more impactful in attracting candidates to apply for a vacant position.

Experiencing the “new” Job in a Virtual Setting

Besides traditional videos about around 500 professions, the German rail company Deutsche Bahn (DB) invites applicants to experience them as a 360° immersion in a VR showroom. All it takes to enjoy a perfect VR experience is a smartphone and the DB Cardboard or VR goggles. This new approach has immense potential, specifically for the target group of young applicants.

Virtual Employer Content

One of the important questions that potential candidates ask themselves before submitting an application is: “What does the company look like ‘inside’, the one I may ultimately work for?” Virtual reality is an ideal way to provide insight into areas that many recruits would otherwise not experience until the actual applications phase or even their first day at work.

Think bigger – Future Possibilities

Virtual and augmented reality are the first steps in the candidate journey. But using chat bot integration to connect these technologies to the applicant management system would also enable the automatic inclusion of the candidate journey within downstream stages of the recruiting process. For instance, it would be possible to reduce the bounce rate in the candidate journey, as applicants would be able to ask questions in real-time and beyond.

Summary – Go virtual

An increasing number of potential application scenarios for which virtual or augmented reality will hold the key are currently emerging in the field of human resources. The examples outlined in this article describe a few incipient ideas, but nevertheless demonstrate that these technical innovations are far more than just a passing trend. Personally, I believe that they have significant potential, especially if we consider that initial investments are already within an affordable range.

But only one thing will count at the end of the day: Who will manage to get hold of the coveted specialists in this hotly contested labor market?

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  • Friday 19 October 2018

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