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IAB Forum APAC: Transformation with Technology & People

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IAB Leadership Connecting Ideas Session – Thursday June 8, 2023

Dubai – Board room – ONYX
Sofitel Dubai Downtown
Sheikh Zayed Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai
Phone: 04 503 6666

11.30 to 3.00 PM (including lunch)

Transformation with Technology & People

Building A Trustworthy & Responsible AI

Industry Thought Leader
Dr. Sid Ahmed Benraouane

Flow Of the Sessions:

  • 11.30a – Delegates sign up and coffee
  • 12.00 noon – Start of the Discussion
  • 1.30p – Networking Lunch
  • 3.00p – End of Session

Session Brief

For the past five years, ISO has been working on a set of AI standards to help governments and organizations build an AI ecosystem that enhances organizational capability and strengthens the trustworthy relationship between organizations and their stakeholders.

In this session, Dr. Sid will go over some of the most critical AI standards set to be released in the next few months. These standards are a game changer for organizations seeking to build an AI governance system and comply with the law and the ISO certification and audit process.

Beyond the standards, Dr. Sid would facilitate insightful discussions on the following key topics:

  1. Responsible AI: Ensuring Ethical Frameworks
  2. Building Trust: Transparency and Accountability in AI Systems
  3. AI Bias and Fairness: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Legal and Regulatory Considerations in AI Development
  5. Future Perspectives: AI's Impact on Society and the Workforce

About the Speaker

Dr. Sid Ahmed Benraouane is a thought leader with experience in artificial intelligence strategy digital transformation, technology policy, and government innovation. He is a member expert of the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 Artificial intelligence the committee tasked with the development of a set of ISO Standards on Artificial Intelligence, including ISO 42001 AI Management System. 

Dr. Benraouane advises Dubai Governments on innovation and digital transformation. He is a speaker at the World Government Summit (UAE), BAIDEC/MEMTEC conference (Bahrain), Big Data and Cloud Show (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and World Mobility and Autonomous Driving Conference (UAE).

Dr. Benraouane has published numerous books on technology policy, technology implementation, and innovation. In his book “Using the ISO 56002 Innovation Management System: A Practical Guide for Implementation and Building a Culture of Innovation,” Dr. Benraouane provides a step-by-step planning process that helps government leaders design an ecosystem that engages and empowers innovators and creative minds.

This event is by invitation only. Please go to this page and register for joining the program.