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How a cloud-based employee portal transforms collaboration


Read how a leading home and garden retailer with a large store network in Poland overcame communication barriers by creating a cloud-based employee portal based on Microsoft 365 services such as SharePoint, Yammer and Teams, empowering employees to drive efficiency and engagement.

When you are a major retailer with multiple national outlets across the country, effective collaboration is critical to success. Communication is a common problem in organisations with many employees operating in different geographical regions. Without the right tools and centralised processes, the flow of information can be inefficient and the onboarding of new employees can be inconsistent and ineffective.

Large home and garden retailer
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Tackling communication challenges

When a major home and garden retailer with 64 national stores offering over 100,000 products wanted to improve communication across all of its locations, it needed to create a functional, branded and user-friendly employee portal, as well as a complete digital workplace environment.

The aim was to create an easy-to-use solution to improve communication between the head office and its network of stores across the country. Employees needed a way to share files securely and conveniently. Individual departments, branches and the head office also needed their own collaborative spaces. The company also needed a space for shift workers to effectively share information.

Project objectives also included:

  • Improve employee communication through an enterprise social network
  • Implement a workplace chat solution to improve collaboration
  • Implement a mobile version of each solution
  • Launch microsites for each store and department

Creating a unified digital workplace solution with M365

After gathering requirements from key departments, SoftwareOne presented a digital workplace solution based on Microsoft 365 services. At the heart of the solution was a SharePoint-based employee portal to house company news, organisational information, files and documents, collaboration resources, etc. The portal was configured in line with the company's brand.

Other features included Yammer for internal communication and Stream for video sharing. Microsoft Teams replaced a legacy solution used for cross-company communications. A communication plan was created to gather information on project requirements through workshops with key stakeholders. KPIs were set for the project and for user adoption of the new functionality.

Finally, SoftwareOne consultants trained management and provided additional materials and guidance. In addition, a select group of solution ambassadors was trained, who in turn shared their knowledge across the organisation.

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Can we do this for you?

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Connecting employees through effective collaboration

The organisation has a branded employee portal that allows employees to easily share information within their department or across the company. It also serves as a knowledge base where employees can find key information and announcements. The common portal and Teams have greatly improved collaboration.

Using file storage with adjustable security settings, employees can securely share and edit documents in real time, regardless of physical location. Video sharing and chat enable quick exchange of ideas and resources. Teams have also improved internal communication within branches.

Shift workers can share information and leave notes from one shift to the next. Employees can also use Yammer to share informal content.

The company's employees now have a modern solution to meet their communication and collaboration needs. As a result of this initiative, the retailer now has an effective, unified and secure environment that facilitates collaboration at all levels of the organisation.


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