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The Fully Automated Enterprise

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Of all the transitions hitting the enterprise, none is probably more far-reaching and consequential than automation. Not only does it pose significant ramifications for the current IT workforce, it stands to redesign many of the long-established processes that have come to define the enterprise. The ultimate goal: an enterprise where all processes that can be automated are automated.

Join this informal discussion with executives from Active Exhaust Corp, Electro Rent, and Corporate Momentum discussing topics from the primary drive for automation up to how to capture ROI:

  • How do you overcome the challenges to ensure that you are achieving scale?
  • What has been your driver towards exploring Fully Automated Enterprise?
  • How did you convince your teams around automation?
A bald man wearing glasses and a blue tie.

Kevin Tucker

Director of IT Active Exhaust Corp., Canada

A man in a suit and tie is posing for a photo.

Dr. Thomas Endres

CEO corporate momentum GmbH

A man in a suit and tie smiles for the camera.

David Briskman

CIO Electro Rent