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Survive – Reset – Thrive: A Fireside Chat with SoftwareOne’s Senior Advisors


As we take steps into what we like to call, the ‘next unnormal’ we are looking ahead using the rapid shift to the cloud to adapt the future of our customers’ businesses to ensure they not only survive, but thrive. Whether it’s remote work, managing costs or preparing for what the future may or may not bring in terms of how we connect, collaborate and communicate we need to be ready. Ready for whatever challenges your organization and employees face today and in the future. This requires proper planning and a deep understanding of today’s challenges we are facing.

Join our exclusive fireside chat where our services leaders Sean Nicholson (Technology Services), Darryl Sackett (Software Lifecycle Management) and Bala Sethunathan (Cybersecurity) discuss:

  • The business challenges we have seen in the market and how we helped our customers overcome them
  • Some of the critical elements that forward-thinking executives need to put in place now to shore up security, increase agility, and control costs as they rapidly embrace the new normal, and
  • What your digital transformation strategy needs to look like to capitalize on the changes in the business environment and thrive.
  • How we at SoftwareOne can help you not lose the momentum of digital transformation.

Make sure to save your spot and get request your free on-demand recording right away. It’s time to take the next step towards a new tomorrow!