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Going the Distance with FinOps


Do you know your organization’s cloud financial management (FinOps) maturity?

Today’s cloud environment is complex, and FinOps is a necessity to not only cut costs and save money – but to maximize every dollar spent in the cloud, drive innovation and create transparency.

The FinOps Foundation and SoftwareOne experts have worked with a wide variety of organizations and have teamed up for a webinar to share a myriad of experiences and testimonials from customers across all stages of the FinOps journey. We discuss the unique challenges customers are up against and explain what works well (and what doesn’t) in the following areas:

  • Moving into the FinOps model and empowering IT to take ownership of cloud spend
  • Structure and governance to define budgets and track spend across departments
  • Leveraging experiences gained from software asset and lifecycle management methodologies and applying them to managing cloud costs
  • Managing shared costs, allocating costs and accurate forecasting
  • Tagging resources, tracking usage and spend, and reporting.

FinOps is a marathon – not a sprint. Going the distance requires organization, dedication and perseverance. A marathon runner needs supplements, nutrition and a personal trainer. If you’re using basic reporting to assess your performance or not properly tagging resources, then you’re exercising at home without the basic support needed to reach your goals.

Let us help you not only participate in the race, but cross the finish line! Download our webinar now!


J.R. Storment

Executive Director, FinOps Foundation


Oliver Berger

Co-Founder, GorillaStack by PyraCloud


Gordon Davey

Global Business Owner for Cloud Services, SoftwareOne


Jonas Lazar

Principal Business Consultant, Consulting, SoftwareOne


Rhys Williams

Platform Engagement Lead, PyraCloud, SoftwareONE