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Digital Signage Use Cases


Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign – Which better fits your needs?

How often do you drive to the office simply to print documents, sign them and then scan them again? This should be easier, right? To this, the answer is yes. Since the beginning of 2020, the demand for a solution to sign documents digitally has increased significantly. This is a logical consequence of the shift to working from home.

In this webinar, Claudia Kolleman, Solution Advisor Digital Content, takes a closer look at the Adobe Sign and DocuSign solutions for "Digital Signing." What do the solutions entail, which one best suits your organization and what exactly does such a digital signing process look like? These are some of the issues that Claudia deals with. She will then give a demo of the two solutions.

The aim of this session is to give you a clear picture of the different solutions for digital signing so you can make an informed choice on which to invest in for the future.

The session is intended for end users, not suppliers or partners.