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Modern Enterprise Data Warehouse

Modern Enterprise Data Warehouse

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Supercharge your business analytics. Take advantage of intelligent insights with transparent, organised and reliable data.

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Have your data tell you what you need to know!

Have your data tell you what you need to know!

Make your data work for you

Modern Data Warehouse brings a unified approach to data and gives clear insights through analytical dashboards. Upgrade your data strategy with the cloud and make more informed, data-driven decisions.

  • Discover new opportunities

    Generate actionable insights and discover new areas for growth.

  • Learn more about your customers

    Get structured information about your customers' needs and exceed their expectations.

  • Improve business performance

    View key metrics in real time and see where you need to act immediately.

Gain a single source of data with Azure-based Modern Enterprise Data Warehouse

  • Grow your business

    Don’t fall behind of the competition – increase revenue, reduce costs and find new opportunities to enrich your offer with analytics.

  • Know your customers

    No more guesswork – find out who are your most valuable customers, what do they want and how to retain them.

  • Act faster

    Don't miss out on market trends – get real-time insights from social data and launch informed marketing campaigns whenever you need to.

  • Optimise costs

    Avoid costly procurement – get a 360-degree view of your spending habits and take advantage of Machine Learning to make budgeting easier.

What is the plan?

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    Tell us about your requirements (data sources, metrics and objectives for the upgrade), and we will work with you to agree on the best course of action.

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    Our experts will work with your team on a complete architecture and recommended services, so you can take full advantage of the Azure stack. 

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    We will help you implement tools and infrastructure to unify your data, implement machine learning models and security measures, and set up interactive reports, so your people can get the insights they need.

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    Ongoing development

    You’ll have all the information in place to make better-informed decisions and watch your business flourish. We’ll also give you recommendations for how you can make more of your data over time.

Choose your service

Select and customise the level that fits your business needs best.

  • Data Warehouse Modernisation Advisory

    Data architecture & cloud readiness check, PoC-level modernised data warehouse architecture

  • Modern Data Warehouse Deployment

    Deployment of PoC level architecture and data flow, automated architecture delivery (DataOps)

  • Complete Data Warehouse Modernisation

    Full-scoped engagement, all data sources, dimensions and reports upgraded

We’ve got a track record of delivering within scope

Using a modernised approach and tools, we helped one of our clients to transform their data strategy.

  • 4x

    times larger capacity over 3 years

  • 40%

    increase in data volume

  • 15

    minutes to refresh data from POS systems

  • 4x

    more users analysing data

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Have your data tell you what you need to know!

Have your data tell you what you need to know!