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SoftwareONE Closes Acquisition of COMPAREX, Creating a Leading Global Platform, Solutions and Services Company

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Today SoftwareONE, a leading global Platform, Solutions and Services company, announced it has successfully completed the acquisition of COMPAREX, a global IT service provider.

"We are incredibly proud to close the acquisition of COMPAREX, which is a continuation of SoftwareONE’s business transformation as it allows us to gain scale, further invest in innovation and expand in key geographies," said Daniel von Stockar, Chairman of SoftwareONE Board of Directors. "By bringing the strengths and talents of both organizations together, we will offer our customers unprecedented opportunities through our global reach, regional expertise, scalability and comprehensive portfolio, all to help them through their digital transformation."

Continued von Stockar: "We will continue to transform the combined company into a leading Platform, Solutions and Services company through organic growth and additional acquisitions of strategic capabilities."

SoftwareONE is a trusted partner in building solutions on cloud platforms and helping its customers maximize the value of their cloud and software investments. As a combined company, SoftwareONE will further grow its services while continuing to accompany and shape the changing business needs of its customers by delivering best in class software solutions and proactively managing customers’ software portfolios.

"The closing of the acquisition of COMPAREX is a clear indication of SoftwareONE’s ongoing commitment to backing the digital transformation of our more than 50,000 customers worldwide," said Dieter Schlosser, CEO of SoftwareONE. "SoftwareONE will continue to focus on helping customers  address their changing business needs through innovative, outcome driven software solutions, and we look forward to driving even more exciting changes as a combined company."

The combined company provides its customers with local language services in 88 countries and support in 150 countries, managed by more than 5,500 experienced employees. SoftwareONE continues to emphasize developing people and an entrepreneurial culture based on the company’s Core Values, the fundamental pillars of its success since the company was founded. SoftwareONE is committed to a fast and efficient integration process that will draw on the best of both organizations.

In his capacity as CSO, Marc Betgem will serve on SoftwareONE’s Executive Leadership Team. Thomas Reich, former CEO of COMPAREX, will support the integration process over the next several months before leaving the company.

"It has been a privilege to serve as CEO of COMPAREX, and following our successful transformation to a managed services player, the company is ready to join SoftwareONE to create a leading global Platform, Solutions and Services company. I am confident that SoftwareONE will be a great home to all of COMPAREX’s employees, and that through the talents of both organizations the combined company will be at the forefront of innovation and continue to be an invaluable partner to customers worldwide," said Thomas Reich.


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