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The key drivers to moving to Microsoft 365 today

Tony MackelworthGlobal Leader - Microsoft Advisory Services

Microsoft 365 (M365) is an excellent option for businesses looking to support and empower their employees along their journey to Digital Transformation. M365 is a bundle of several Microsoft products you probably are already utilizing - from Windows 10 Enterprise to Office 365 - under a single license model. This cloud-based option is geared towards three sectors: businesses, enterprise, and education.

No matter which umbrella you fall under, there are several reasons you’d consider a move to M365 - especially following Office 2010 EoS. After all, M365 offers enhanced management, collaboration, security, analytics, and more. Before you purchase, however, you have to ensure your organization has the proper support needed to migrate. Keep reading to learn more about the key drivers to moving to M365.

Take collaboration to the next level

Innovations in technology show no signs of slowing down - causing many organisations to feel the pressure of keeping up. This has caused organisations everywhere to migrate to cloud-based options like M365 to enhance the overall collaboration and productivity of their employees. After all, as more and more team members call for more flexible conditions, it’s imperative that organisations provide options for their workers to log on from anywhere.

With M365, collaboration is at the forefront. You’ll be able to boost the overall potential of your organisation’s Unified Communications strategy through easy web conferencing, group chats, online calls, and more. With Microsoft Teams, your organisation can access, share, and even edit files in real time with your colleagues. This way, you’ll never spend precious time on faulty technology or dropped calls ever again.

Get time back in your day through automation

We’ve all been there: you’re replying to emails, setting up meetings, and organizing contacts before you realize you’ve spent an hour of your day doing administrative work. This is where automation comes in. Using the Power Automate platform, repetitive tasks and more administrative-type work can all be automated, which will put time back in the day of your team members.

Power Automate also enables your organisation to connect and integrate data sources, even from third-party and on-premises services. What’s more, all of this is accessed through a single portal, so you can log on and get to work right away.

Secure your ever-expanding organisation

As we’ve mentioned, M365 is a large bundle. M365 integrates hundreds of third-party cloud apps into one solution that can be accessed from any device. And while that’s an amazing feature, you’re likely going to want the peace of mind that every device and document stays safe and secure. If you do choose to migrate to M365, you will be able to ensure that only the right, authorized users have access to the cloud.

Finally, M365 offers some of the most advanced cloud security features on the market today. Happen to accidentally send an email to someone who shouldn’t have access to your file? M365 allows you to revoke access to files even after they’ve been sent. This isn’t just a great way to correct mistakes - it has the potential to stop a phishing attempt in its tracks. This contributes to the large emphasis on guarding against unsafe attachments, malware, and suspicious links.

Ensuring you have the support & staff needed

Now that we’ve broken down a few of the key drivers to moving to M365, your primary decision point should be whether or not you have the support you need to successfully migrate. If you’re sure you’d like to purchase and implement M365 but need support, consider working with a partner like SoftwareOne. Our experts will help fill in any gaps you may have at the time of purchase so that you can sooner enjoy an accelerated adoption process and take advantage of all that the M365 bundle has to offer.

Don’t know which Microsoft 365 plan you require? Work with our consultants in Microsoft Advisory Services to plan your Microsoft 365 strategy.


Looking to learn more about what to consider?

Understand what you need to know before your organisation takes the plunge with our infographic 4 Top Considerations for your Migration to Microsoft 365.

Looking to learn more about what to consider?

Understand what you need to know before your organisation takes the plunge with our infographic 4 Top Considerations for your Migration to Microsoft 365.


Tony Mackelworth
Global Leader - Microsoft Advisory Services