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Cloud services are said to become an almost $300B industry this year. Given the scale of adoption worldwide, this is not surprising. Whether it's just a few services or a full-scale operation, many companies already use the cloud in some way. The latest technologies offer numerous possibilities to help grow your business and keep you ahead of the competition. But regardless of your stage in the process, or the degree to which you've migrated your IT environment, you may still come across some cloud migration problems.

The key challenges with the cloud

Recently, we have asked you, our readers, about your top areas of concern, based on the feedback from our clients. Based on this input, we prepared some resources to help you along #yourcloudjourney. You can view the results here. We also give some tips on how to deal with the most frequent problems with cloud migration. And you'll find further resources at the bottom of this post!

Services which will help you with your key cloud migration problems

Keeping track of costs

Check out Azure Cost Management and Azure Advisor to manage budgets and optimise costs.

Ensuring cloud security

Here are some articles from our blog on the subject:

  • Securing your administrator account
  • Introducing 9 tools to increase Azure platform security
  • Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (and how to prepare for deployment)
  • Setting up remote access to applications
  • Setting up external access to resources
  • DevSecOps: How To Build Security Into Your Processes?

Make sure to also try out Azure Sentinel using AI to offer advanced threat protection. We can help you implement it and take care of the security response for you – check out our Security Services.

Finding the required skills

Use DevOps as the main approach to development and operations. You can read more about it in our series of articles beginning with this post. Consider a managed services model. It can be an effective way to provide both support and expertise to an organisation's team.

Managing cloud operations

Azure Portal should be your first stop for implementing the necessary processes, such as monitoring or automation. For compliance, take advantage of Azure Policies to help you operate your services in line with your organisation's regulations and frameworks. Also, check out our article if you need to integrate with external companies and identity providers.

Further reading

This post is just the essence of the original article on problems with cloud migration, which you can read in full on this page.

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  9. See how to master access governance in 5 easy steps
  10. How to support cloud governance with Azure DevOps: A practical example

We hope this post gives you a good starting point. Remember that moving to the cloud is a journey – so don't be afraid to change course if you need to. And if you have some gaps in your plan, don't worry. You can still address them and benefit from your shiny new services.And, of course, you can always get in touch if you'd like to discuss anything in detail – it's free!


SoftwareOne blog editorial team

Blog Editorial Team

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