10 Surprising Security Risks Inside Your Office

In Your Office

10 Surprising Security Risks

10 Surprising Security Risks Inside Your Office

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1. Tailgating

Many workplaces incorporate some kind of access control in their offices – whether it’s locking the door outside of normal business hours or requiring that all employees use an ID card to unlock the door. However, these measures can be thwarted by a practice called tailgating.

When malicious actors use tailgating, they take advantage of politeness by letting an authorized employee unlock the door and expecting the employee to hold the door for them. The risk of tailgating can be minimized by installing anti-tailgating doors that utilize RFID or turnstiles to make sure everyone swipes before entering, or by training employees not to hold the door for people they don’t recognize. If an employee accidentally lets an unfamiliar person through, they should report the event to security personnel for screening.

Final Thoughts

While many security threats originate online, organizations need to be acutely aware of threats that commonly occur within the four walls of their office. Often, these solutions require extensive, regular employee training as well as a vigilant IT team. However, it all begins by taking inventory of both online and offline security measures. If your business takes both physical and virtual security seriously, they will be protected against a range of dangerous threats.

Keep an Eye Out for the Physical Threats Inside Your Office

Security threats lurk in every organization – is yours prepared?

Find Out
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Bala Sethunathan

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