Stability & Innovation in Times of Uncertainty


Your Partner for Stability & Innovation in Times of Uncertainty

Your Partner for Stability & Innovation in Times of Uncertainty | SoftwareONE

Whether it’s remote work, managing costs or preparing for what the future may or may not bring in terms of how we connect, collaborate and communicate we need to be ready. Ready for whatever challenges your organization and employees face today and in the future. SoftwareONE has created a portfolio of solutions to help you through this uncertain time, no matter the business challenges you are currently facing. Our solutions listed below allow for you to get thrive the  turbulence of today and prepare for the innovation needed in the future.

Read on to learn more about our Teams Enablement, SAMSimple, SLM Cost Take-Out, BackupSimple, Microsoft Advisory Services, Java Advisory Services, Digital Continuity and PyraCloud offerings.

“At SoftwareONE our core values are ingrained in our culture and we use those as our guiding principles no matter the current business environment. In times like these we look to go above and beyond when it comes to customer focus to provide you with the technology solutions you need to keep your business not only on stable ground, but thriving through turbulent times.”

– Dieter Schlosser, CEO, SoftwareONE

Dieter Schlosser

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The SoftwareONE team has setup a bundle of offerings for various scenarios in your organization. Whether it’s the adoption of users, collaboration of teams, IT-security of remote-workers or cost management of your solutions. Remote work involves many aspects.

Staying Connected in a Changing World

Core Teams Enablement

Staying Connected in a Changing World

Remote work is the new norm – organizations need the ability to leverage Microsoft 365 to provide seamless communication and collaboration. Learn more about our core teams enablement solution to help you get up and running on Microsoft Teams today at no cost to you for the first 6 months.

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Enabling Visibility, Savings & Compliance

SAMSimple can help you ensure that your software environment is optimized and audit ready when you are doing all you can to enable your employees to work remote.
SoftwareONE has recently made our SAMSimple offering available at no cost for 6 months.

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Enabling Compliance & Savings

SLM Cost Take-Out

Reduce Costs and Risks

IT organizations are constantly confronted with the requirements to optimize and reduce IT costs while driving innovation and increasing the value for the business – and in today’s environment this is more important than ever. SoftwareONE’s SLM Cost Take-Out brings you quick and lasting results in the areas of cost and risk reduction via our unique software savings program.

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Stay in Control of Your Data

Plan for a comprehensive and streamlined data recovery - centralizing all of your backup needs providing a single secure, scalable and resilient platform which you own.
With our BackupSimple offer we make sure you stay in control of your data with no onboarding costs and the first 6 months free.

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Stay in Control of Your Data
A Virtual Environment

Advisory Services

Optimize Your Environment

No matter the key publishers you are working with SoftwareONE has you covered – our Microsoft Advisory Services and Java Advisory Services offers are tailored to ensure you are optimizing your software contracts even when your current business situation is less than optimal. Ensure the right contract at the right price for the usage you need today.

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PyraCloud Platform

Govern Your Cloud Expenses

Organizations are facing an increase in cloud usage due to remote work but this doesn’t mean cloud costs can’t be controlled. Maintain visibility, proactive alerting, and management of cloud budgets with PyraCloud’s cloud spend management module.

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PyraCloud – Your Cloud Governance Platform

Digital Continuity

Don’t Lose Your Digital Transformation Momentum

Now is not the time to stop investing in your digital transformation needs, now is the time to determine where your gaps in mobile work solutions, security and on-line customer experiences can be improved so that you are ready when the current environment returns to whatever our new normal may be. Investing in digital continuity today will give you the foundation for your digital transformation initiatives in the future.

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We’re here to help.

SoftwareONE is here to help you navigate through today’s turbulent business environment. We are here to help you gain control of costs, secure your data, and provide seamless remote workforce collaboration. To learn more about how SoftwareONE can help you across these different areas of your business please fill out the form and get in touch with our experts.