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How Visy Gained Agility and Accelerated Innovation by Migrating SAP on AWS

How Visy Gained Agility and Accelerated Innovation by Migrating SAP on AWS

With a vision to drive more innovation, improve performance, while reducing costs, Visy decided to move to the cloud in 2017. After selecting their platform and engaging BNW (a SoftwareONE company) they have successfully migrated their SAP applications to AWS, and accelerated their journey towards smart manufacturing. This webinar will focus on the approach taken and the benefits realized since then.

Webinar Summary of Visy’s SAP Migration to AWS Cloud

Listen to our guest customer speaker, Noel Espinola, Application Manager at Visy Industries, discussing the specific benefits of migrating SAP to the Hyperscaler and associated lessons learnt.


  • IT and business benefits achieved by migrating all-in to AWS
  • Plan and execute a successful SAP migration to AWS
  • Manage and optimize cloud consumption in real-time
  • How Visy is innovating around robotic automation
  • Accelerate your journey to S/4HANA on AWS with SoftwareONE S/4HANA Pilot Program

Featured Speakers

  • Noel Espinola, Business Applications Manager, Visy Corporate
  • Victor-Andreas Marz, Global Head of Customer Advocacy, SoftwareONE
  • Warwick Chai, Global Director of Technology & Innovation, SoftwareONE
  • David Payne, Head of Enterprise Applications & Databases, ASEAN, AWS

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