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Ask the Experts: Adapting & Preparing for What's Next

Ask the Experts - Adapting and Preparing for What is Next

  • On-Demand

We invite you to watch our recording of the Ask the Experts Panel where we discussed How to Adapt and Prepare for What’s Next.

Business models are being re-written. Companies are now working remotely. Sustainability and scalability are key. How are other businesses managing? Learn about the challenges other organizations are facing, how they are adapting and what the future could hold based on trends and insights we are experiencing and seeing from the market.

Themes of Discussion

  • Identifying Cost Controls
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Managing Sprawl and Shadow IT
  • Increasing Security in today’s landscape
  • Change Management Practices
  • Remote Workforce Productivity
  • Learnings from your Peers

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