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Salesforce Advisory Services

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Salesforce Advisory Services

Known mostly for its CRM platform, Salesforce is in fact one of the big SaaS players with a plethora of cloud solutions that require specialist expertise and continuous management. Organisations are increasingly subscribing to several Salesforce clouds, but often overlook the complexity that it brings. Effectively managing current subscriptions, understanding agreements and entitlements, forecasting future demand and preparing for major Salesforce renewals can be resource intensive and requires specialist knowledge.

SoftwareOne’s Advisory Services help Salesforce customers to fully understand, optimise and govern their Salesforce contracts. We do this by providing a comprehensive analysis of their contracts and looking at potential to reduce their contract costs, identifying potential areas of improvement and providing cost management capabilities, as well as increased ROI by analysing usage to identify inefficiencies.

Salesforce clients’ challenges

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    The complexity of Salesforce contracts and understanding concessions requires specialist knowledge.​

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    Order management​ 

    Normalising the Order Form and Salesforce agreements, as well as ensuring SKU accuracy can be difficult to manage.

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    Understanding actual entitlements and creating a company-wide database of the assets to ensure full utilisation requires specialist resources and robust workflows.​

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    Renewals require preparation and management. Who steers the negotiations - Salesforce or the client - often depends on this.​ 

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    Ad-hoc purchases​

    Managing and governing all the ad-hoc purchase from Line of Business can often be hard to achieve.

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    Compliant & optimised​

    Creating regular ELPs and optimising Salesforce spend requires advanced reporting and expert skills.​

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    Forecasting demand​

    Forecasting and analysing Salesforce demand is often a moving target. Keeping budget forecast under control is a dynamic exercise.​

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    Recharging costs​

    Internal allocation of costs and recharging Lines of Business or regions accurately is only feasible when usage, users and costs are fully understood and maintained.​

Benefit from insightful, practical and tailored advice

Our Salesforce Advisory Services support our clients by following the FinOps principle of Inform, Optimise, Operate. We provide insightful, practical, and tailored advice that makes your Salesforce environment ready for ongoing control. 

We offer

  • a comprehensive classified and normalised picture of your agreements and associated costs
  • an analysis of specific T&Cs, including licences limitations and scope
  • a collection and analysis of actual usage compared to user profiles and licences assignements
  • a comprehensive set of reconciliation reports
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You get

  • ownership and cost awareness to avoid potential risks
  • finance management to keep your budget under control
  • licence management to ensure purchases are based on your needs and real usage
  • bill of materials scenarios and contract management to be prepare for annual renewals
  • negotiation support to have insights and be in the driver seat
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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.