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Software Digital Supply Chain Services

DSC Guide for Procurement and ITAM Managers

DSC Guide for Procurement and ITAM Managers

A seamless, integrated set of systems and activities that span across the request, purchase, manage and renewal phases of software and cloud lifecycle. That’s the one wish that Procurement and ITAM Managers have in common. Having an efficient software digital supply chain would make the lives of these professionals easier, saving their organisations significant costs and making their operations more efficient.

IT and Procurement professionals face real challenges in their roles when it comes to managing software requests and transactions, a lack of insight and clear visibility makes it difficult for everyone involved to make informed decisions, implement efficient processes and improve the experience of end users.

The most common challenge we see in businesses is decentralized purchasing of software and cloud services without clear governance over transactions, followed closely by the overwhelming number of software vendors a company has to administer and manage. How does this look like for you? Do you manage to keep track of all the software purchases in your organizations? Are you sure you are getting the best deals? Are you renewing only the software you need? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, you are not alone. But you are at the right place.

Common DSC Challenges

Centralizing Purchasing

Often organizations don’t have a centralized consolidated view of all software spend across their business.

Managing Multiple Vendors

Many organizations are overwhelmed by the number of software vendors they have to manage, and it becomes increasingly difficult to manage multiple vendor relationships to ensure they are getting the best deals.

Visibility and Control of Tail-End Spend

The majority of businesses focus on strategic spend with larger vendors, having limited resources available to manage the rest of software spend from smaller vendors.

Managing License Entitlements

Many organizations don’t have the mechanisms in place to auto-capture and normalize license entitlements.

Managing Wasted & Unauthorized Software Spend

Lack of visibility into software purchases and renewals, poor internal processes and fragmented procurement systems can lead to wasted and unauthorized software spend.

SoftwareONE’s Software Digital Supply Chain

Just because it’s challenging, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In the rapidly changing world of technology, digital transformation is not just an option anymore. Companies need to incorporate digitalization in all areas of their business, if they want to keep up with the way the market evolves.

SoftwareONE’s Software Digital Supply Chain services enable accelerated and proactive decision-making in software acquisition and provision, resulting in better user experience and productivity, while improving transparency and optimization of software and cloud spend.


Increased Transparency

Cost Optimization

Operational Efficiency

Software Rationalization

Programmatic Oversight & Governance

Proactive Catalog & Renewal Management

On-Demand Webinar

The Elephant in the Room

Watch our webinar to get insight into how Software Digital Supply Chain services can help your organization by providing an integrated set of systems and activities across the request, purchase, manage and renewal phases of software and cloud lifecycle.

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The Procurement Manager's Guide to DSC

80-90% of many organizations' software transactions are typically from smaller vendors, making the management of these transactions a real challenge. Get our whitepaper to understand how you can build an effective software digital supply chain.

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The ITAM Manager’s Guide to DSC

Do you have enough insight and clear visibility of your software transactions? Download our whitepaper to learn how you can achieve data transparency and have a better collaboration with your Procurement team.

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A Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Software Asset Management Managed Services

SoftwareONE has been recognized by Gartner® as a Leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for Software Asset Management Managed Services. Download your complimentary copy here.


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