ONEImpact Community

Welcome to ONEImpact Community

Our Mission

ONEImpact Community brings together SoftwareONE’s expertise and people, technology partners, and nonprofit organizations to engage with local communities where we work and live. Our goal is to have a meaningful impact on the communities where we do business. We share the benefits of technology by enabling adoption within nonprofits, and skilling up the next generation of workers, providing education and skills development to all.

Our Programs

In partnership with technology providers and nonprofits, we make technology accessible to people around the World, giving them the tools and skills required to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital era. Our programs offer opportunities to all while contributing to the global talent pipeline and helping nonprofits be most effective in their causal areas.

Digital Communities

Microsoft Datacenter Community Development

Microsoft Data Center Community Development (DCCD) and SoftwareONE have teamed up to offer technology consultancy, training and support to nonprofit organizations in select cities across the globe.

Learn more about DCCD

SWO AWS re:Cess

AWS and SoftwareONE

In partnership with nonprofits, AWS and SoftwareONE bring playground coding to kids in an effort to make STEM fun and accessible for all! See how you can get involved...

SoftwareONE ONEImpact & SWO

ONEImpact and SoftwareONE Academy are connecting the dots between education, real-world experience and those in need, offering valuable services at a reduced rate to eligible nonprofits.
 Learn more about SoftwareONE Academy

By pooling ideas, expertise and connections, the Digital Council drives innovation and influence to make a difference to its members and the global NPO community.