Get The Most Out of Your Microsoft Investment

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Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Investment

Do you feel like you’re having a hard time keeping up with the ever-evolving world of Microsoft licensing? You are not alone. Many organizations struggle to keep track of all of the licensing and contract insights and find it challenging to make the most out of their Microsoft investments.

Learn how you can overcome the most common Microsoft challenges and get the most out of your current technology.

Even the most experienced employees can use some tips and tricks when it comes to Microsoft contracts. With constant licensing updates and business changes, it can be challenging to stay on top of everything and make sure your environment is optimized at all times.

In these videos, SoftwareONE’s Microsoft licensing experts, Chris van der Zwan and Tony Mackelworth, share their tips on the best ways to ensure you don’t spend more than you have to while still using everything you need.

Common Areas of Opportunity

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Pick the right solutions and licensing options via fact-based vendor insights into benchmark contracts and pricing.

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Azure Optimization

Save costs through optimizing cloud spend (75% of customers say they are immature regarding cloud spend optimization) and continuous contract right-sizing.

365 Optimization

Understanding the licensing impact on investment in new Microsoft products and drive value throughout the entire contract lifecycle.

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License Expertise

Reduce your efforts around tracking and interpreting licensing updates. Stay compliant and smoothly navigate software audits.

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Gaining a leading edge during negotiations with fact-based market insights.

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Microsoft Solution Alignment

Dealing with Microsoft doesn’t have to be a burden. Our Toolkit was design to offer you a framework that will guide through the most common challenges you might encounter when dealing with Microsoft.

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Optimize your Microsoft Contract Spend

Watch our webinar to learn how you can overcome the most common Microsoft challenges and get the most out of your current technology.

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Microsoft Contract Renewal Prep

Microsoft is undoubtedly an essential asset for your business, but are you using it to your full potential? Before you commit to your next contract, here are three licensing factors that can make an immediate impact to your budget.

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Microsoft Updates

Price Increase & New Commerce

The summer of 2021 brought changes from Microsoft for most of its customers: an increased price for Microsoft 365 and the introduction of New Commerce for CSP seat-based offers. The changes are effective starting March 1st, 2022* and have an impact on both existing and new Microsoft customers.

It’s common to still have questions, even if it’s been a while since the changes have been announced. Things are not yet entirely clear, and we understand that you want to find answers and be prepared.

*Microsoft announced a few updates after March 1st. You can read about them below.


You might be aware of the Microsoft’s announced price increases and changes to the CSP program. Yet, you might still wonder how these changes will impact your specific situation and what you can do to benefit from them.

Watch our webinar to understand the changes and your options to benefit from them.

Microsoft Price Increase

In August 2021, Microsoft announced changes to its commercial pricing for Microsoft 365. These changes are not coming into effect immediately, but they will impact all Microsoft customers so it’s best to understand what they mean and what you can do to be prepared.

Microsoft CSP - New Commerce

Microsoft will introduce New Commerce for seat-based offers including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Windows 365. Starting March 1, 2022, customers will need to begin transitioning their existing subscription to New Commerce.

Updates after March 1st:

  • Grace Period Increased: until March 14, 2022, customers had the opportunity to lock in February prices.
  • Microsoft CSP Cancellation Policy Change: From March 18, 2022, any new commercial seat-based subscription orders in CSP new commerce will allow seven calendar days for cancellations and seat reductions instead of the previous 72-hour window.

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Microsoft Advisory Managed Service

SoftwareONE’s Microsoft Advisory Managed Service was designed to help organizations navigate their way through complexity and ensure they maximize the value of their Microsoft investments.

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Gain Intelligent Insights and Take Control of Your Cloud Spend

Get the transparency, predictability and governance that you need for effective Cloud Financial Management (FinOps).

Cloud Spend Savings Realized

Cloud Cost Optimization

SoftwareONE’s Cloud Cost Optimization is a unique advisory service that can identify and reduce your Azure cloud waste by right-costing and right-sizing.


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