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Shadi Khoshab

Shadi Khoshab, Blog Author SoftwareONE Blog

Shadi Khoshab

Product Manager, SLM Managed Services

Group Innovation & Technology

Digital Supply Chain
  • 20 May 2020
  • Shadi Khoshab
  • Digital Supply Chain, PyraCloud
  • Risk Management, Compliance

The Benefits of Building an Effective Software Digital Supply Chain

Building a software digital supply chain can make your organization more efficient and evade risks – all while cost optimizing. Learn more about why DSCs provide these benefits.

  • 28 April 2020
  • Shadi Khoshab
  • Software Lifecycle Management, Digital Transformation, Digital Supply Chain
  • Procurement, SAM Maturity, EULA Compliance Service, SAMSimple, SLMAdvanced

What is Software Lifecycle Management?

Software Lifecycle Management helps organizations maximize the value of their software and cloud portfolios. Let’s break down how we define SLM.

ServiceNow’s Focus on Software Asset Management  - Reinvigorating ITAM

ServiceNow’s Focus on Software Asset Management - Reinvigorating ITAM

ServiceNow held its annual "Knowledge" onference in Las Vegas with incredible four days that draws over 20,000 customers, prospects, partners and ServiceNow representatives. This year the conference focused on Software Asset Management (SAM).…

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