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IT insights, April & May: What has been going on in the world of IT

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We’ve rounded up the latest tech and vendor updates for April and May. This comprehensive overview will take about 20 minutes to read, including two months’ worth of information. Feel free to jump directly to the sections or vendors that interest you most.

Top Vendor News

Additional Insights

SoftwareOne news

  • SoftwareOne’s Marketplace Platform v2 was released on May 22nd. This is a significant release, bringing together a wide range of vendors and clients. This platform is designed to offer various software solutions while ensuring client needs match vendor capabilities effectively.

Vendor news


Adobe launched the all-new Photoshop (beta), giving creators more flexibility and superpowers for all Photoshop users to confidently produce outstanding images. New Adobe Photoshop with Advanced Generative Fill and Generate Image unveils new advanced features.

Adobe announced that the Acrobat AI Assistant will be available to billions of Acrobat and Reader users across desktop, web and now mobile.

Adobe has announced the availability of Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise customers, offering powerful new capabilities to improve productivity for knowledge workers. The generative AI-powered conversational engine can quickly surface insights and generate content for emails, reports, presentations, and more.

Adobe has introduced Generative Remove in Lightroom, a powerful tool that uses Adobe Firefly to easily remove unwanted objects from photos. This feature is available as an early access option for Lightroom users.

The latest release of Adobe Substance 3D Painter introduces several new features, including native support for Adobe Illustrator files, a Text Resource for adding custom fonts to projects, and access to the 3D Assets Library within Painter. These enhancements provide designers with new creative opportunities, allowing for easy import of Illustrator files, custom text additions, and quick access to a wide range of materials and resources.

The new Adobe Express Extension for Microsoft Copilot will revolutionise content creation within Microsoft 365 apps, enabling swift and effortless generation of high-quality, on-brand content. The collaboration between Adobe and Microsoft aims to streamline the content creation process, empowering teams to maintain brand consistency and unleash their creative potential.

IBM and Adobe's collaboration on Adobe Express for Enterprise and IBM's use of Adobe Firefly generative AI have significantly improved content creation and marketing performance.

The integration of IBM's watsonx AI and data platform into Adobe Experience Platform demonstrates a commitment to delivering personalised customer experiences at scale.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon to expand cloud footprint in Southeast Asia because customers want their data stored securely in their own countries. They really wanted something local such that they can meet, for example, local data storage requirements, or protection of personal identifiable information.

AWS releases AWS Deadline Cloud, a fully managed service that makes it easier for teams working on 2D and 3D visual assets for commercials, games, movies, TV shows, and industrial design to manage renders. Without requiring infrastructure management, Deadline Cloud makes it simple to quickly construct a cloud-based render farm that scales from zero to thousands of compute instances.

AWS widens Amazon Bedrock Platform with custom model imports, evaluation, choices, and content filtering. With Amazon Bedrock, a managed artificial intelligence offering, Amazon Web Services Inc. is introducing several new foundation models.

The strategic partnership between Deloitte and AWS aims to accelerate cloud adoption in growth markets. The expanded collaboration will assist businesses worldwide in moving their operations to the cloud and being ready to participate in the current digital economy.

Availability updates:

AWS announced the release of workflow monitor for live video, a media-centric tool to simplify and elevate the monitoring of your video workloads. The workflow monitor is available in all regions where AWS Elemental MediaLive is currently deployed.

myApplications in the AWS Management Console has expanded the ability to create and manage your applications to 9 additional AWS Regions. myApplications in the AWS Management Console makes it easier to manage and monitor the cost, health, security posture, and performance of your applications.

AWS Partner Central has enhanced the user management experience in AWS Partner Central with a modernised look and feel and more customised capabilities.

AWS plans to invest €15.7 billion in Spain in its AWS Spain region, which will support an estimated 17,500 full-time equivalent jobs in local businesses on an annual average basis, and will contribute an estimated €21.6 billion to Spain’s GDP through to 2033.

AWS announces Amazon DocumentDB zero-ETL integration with Amazon OpenSearch Service, enabling advanced search capabilities without the need for custom data transformation code. This zero-ETL integration uses Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion to synchronise the data from Amazon DocumentDB collections to Amazon OpenSearch Service.

AWS Security Hub now supports version 3.0 of the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, which includes 37 security controls, including 7 new ones. Also, AWS Security Hub announces the AWS Resource Tagging Standard. The Standard contains 85 new controls which can be used to identify if any of your AWS Resources are missing tag keys required by your organisation.

AWS IoT TwinMaker now offers faster and more flexible entity metadata query capabilities, addressing the needs of industrial customers dealing with a large number of entities. The optimisation includes full-text search and wildcard search, allowing users to quickly find relevant information and retrieve data more effectively.


Microsoft is investing $1.5 billion in G42 for a minority stake and strategic partnership to deliver advanced AI solutions with Microsoft Azure across various industries in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa.T he collaboration aims to accelerate access to digital innovation in the UAE and broader region, while also supporting the development of a skilled and diverse AI workforce with a $1 billion fund for developers.

Microsoft will invest $2.9 billion in Japan to boost cloud computing and AI infrastructure, expand digital skilling programs, and deepen cybersecurity collaboration. The investment aims to support Japan's digital transformation and AI adoption, including training 3 million people in AI skills over the next three years.

The Coca-Cola Company and Microsoft have formed a five-year strategic partnership to advance cloud and generative AI initiatives, with Coca-Cola committing $1.1 billion to Microsoft Cloud and AI capabilities.

Cloud Software Group and Microsoft Corp. have entered an eight-year strategic partnership agreement, strengthening their collaboration for Citrix virtual application and desktop platform and supporting the development of new cloud and AI solutions.

The expansion of the Microsoft Priva family of products introduces automated capabilities to help organisations meet evolving privacy requirements related to personal data. The Microsoft Priva suite offers a range of solutions to automate privacy assessments, risk management, tracker scanning, consent management, and subject rights requests, helping organisations streamline compliance adherence and optimise privacy operations.

Microsoft announced new tools in Azure AI to help you build more secure and trustworthy generative AI applications. With these additions, Azure AI continues to provide our customers with innovative technologies to safeguard their applications across the generative AI lifecycle.

Microsoft announces support of Alt Capital’s Generate Program that will offer startups in their new accelerator (launching in May) the opportunity to innovate and grow with access to cutting edge AI tools on the Microsoft platform.

Cognizant and Microsoft are partnering to make generative AI and Copilots available to millions of users, aiming to transform enterprise business operations and enhance employee experiences. The partnership includes the purchase of Microsoft 365 Copilot seats for Cognizant associates, deployment of Copilot to a million users within their global 2000 clients, and the training of Cognizant developers on Github Copilot.

Microsoft announces the launch of GPT-4o, OpenAI’s new flagship model on Azure AI. GPT-4o is a groundbreaking multimodal model that integrates text, vision, and audio capabilities, setting a new standard for generative and conversational AI experiences.

GPT-4o opens up possibilities for enhanced customer service, advanced analytics, and content innovation, catering to a broad range of consumer preferences.

ServiceNow and Microsoft are integrating their generative AI assistants, Now Assist and Microsoft Copilot, to create a seamless enterprise experience, enhancing employee productivity and flexibility. The integration will allow the AI assistants to interact within Microsoft 365, enabling employees to perform common productivity tasks and receive relevant assistance regardless of the platform they are using.

Microsoft announced a $3.3 billion investment in cloud computing and AI infrastructure in Southeast Wisconsin, aiming to create jobs and drive economic growth in the region.

The company plans to establish a manufacturing-focused AI Co-Innovation Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and partner with local organisations to upskill over 100,000 residents in generative AI by 2030.

Microsoft has announced a significant investment of 4 billion euros in cloud and AI infrastructure, AI skilling, and French Tech acceleration in France by 2027. The investment aims to accelerate the adoption of AI and cloud technologies, increase France's competitiveness, and contribute to the country's economic growth and job market.

Microsoft has introduced integrations of their Copilot for Security with Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Azure Firewall, marking the first step in bringing generative AI to Azure network security. The Copilot platform aims to empower security teams by leveraging global threat intelligence and industry best practices to provide tailored insights.

Microsoft will invest $1.7 billion in new cloud and AI infrastructure in Indonesia, aiming to advance the nation's digital landscape and support its economic growth.

The initiative includes a commitment to provide AI skilling opportunities for 840,000 people in Indonesia, focusing on technical and vocational education, cybersecurity, and enhancing employability.

Microsoft Copilot is accelerating purchase decisions and driving higher engagement with multimedia ads, reshaping the advertising landscape. The expanded partnership with Axel Springer will integrate Microsoft Advertising technology, pilot AI-driven chat experiences, and enhance content offerings through Microsoft Start/MSN.


IBM announced its new Cloud Multizone Region in Montreal, Quebec. This region is designed to assist clients address their evolving regulatory requirements and leverage technology such as Generative AI with a secured, enterprise cloud platform. IBM’s new MZR will be the latest advancement in IBM Cloud’s delivery of global next-generation MZRs and data centers designed to deliver higher bandwidth, resiliency, security, reliability and automation capabilities.

IBM and the Spanish Government collaborate to develop National AI Strategy and create the world's leading Spanish Language AI Models. This strategic partnership will strengthen Spain's open and ethical AI initiatives to boost economic and technical efforts.

IBM is collaborating with AWS to make the full portfolio of IBM offerings within the watsonx AI and data platform available for use with AWS services, providing an open, hybrid approach supported by end-to-end governance.

IBM's expanded relationship with AWS offers customers flexibility, scalability, and integration with other AWS services, empowering businesses to leverage generative AI effectively and securely while driving workflow improvements.

IBM and Salesforce are expanding their partnership to integrate IBM watsonx AI and Data Platform capabilities with the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform, providing greater customer choice and flexibility in AI and data deployment.

IBM has introduced IBM Copilot Runway, a new offering to help businesses create, deploy, and manage copilots including Copilot for Microsoft 365. This will enable organisations to integrate generative AI into their operations, enhancing productivity and success. IBM's commitment to trust, transparency, and service underpins its offerings in hybrid cloud, AI, and consulting expertise.

ServiceNow and IBM are collaborating to integrate IBM watsonx AI into the Now Platform, aiming to enhance enterprise productivity and innovation.

The integration will provide ServiceNow customers with access to and IBM Granite large language models, allowing for more intuitive and efficient workflow experiences.

IBM and SAP are collaborating to integrate generative AI capabilities and industry-specific cloud solutions to help clients optimise business outcomes and accelerate innovation. The partnership aims to infuse AI into SAP business processes across various industries, including industrial manufacturing, retail, and utilities, to drive next-generation industry innovation.

IBM's software portfolio is now available in 92 countries in AWS Marketplace, making it easier for clients to find, test, buy, and deploy software running on Amazon Web Services. The expansion into AWS Marketplace provides access to IBM's AI and data technologies, including Watsonx AI and Data platform, for building, scaling, and governing AI workloads.


Flexera announced being recognised by Oracle Corporation as the first Oracle Software Asset Management (SAM) tool for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications. Read more:

Oracle to invest more than $8 billion over the next 10 years to meet demand for cloud computing and AI infrastructure in Japan. This latest investment will grow the footprint of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the company's cloud computing service, across Japan.

Oracle has been named a leader for the 17th time in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Transportation Management Systems. Oracle was positioned highest for its Ability to Execute. Also, as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Europe Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) 2023-2024 Vendor Assessment.

Oracle and Palantir join hands to provide secure cloud and AI solutions aiming to power businesses and governments around the world. Oracle’s distributed cloud and AI infrastructure, combined with Palantir’s leading AI and decision acceleration platforms, will help organisations maximise the value of their data.

Oracle's new AI-powered upskilling solution, Oracle Grow for Business Leaders, helps leaders align employee development with strategic business outcomes. The solution includes features such as leadership-driven role guides and enhanced workforce transparency to support skills development and internal mobility.

Oracle has been named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems for the ninth consecutive year and Oracle has also been named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions for Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Planning.

For the second year in a row, Oracle was recognised based on its ability to execute and its completeness of vision.

Oracle was also recognised for excellence in complex billing, commercial and industrial customer management, demand response, and innovative programs for limited-income consumers.

Oracle will expand its research and development (R&D) capabilities in Morocco by growing its local workforce to 1,000 information technology (IT) professionals.

This investment will accelerate the development of Oracle’s cutting-edge technologies that help solve customer challenges worldwide.

Oracle and TIM are collaborating to bring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to Italy, providing high-performance cloud services to public and private sector organisations.

The partnership will establish Oracle's second cloud region in Italy, located in Turin and hosted in TIM Group's advanced data center, enabling organisations to benefit from distributed and sovereign cloud capabilities.

Oracle Clinical One RTSM's new enhancements aim to simplify and accelerate the setup and management of complex global clinical trials, reducing setup time from months to days. The platform's key updates enable users to automate list randomisation, modify distribution settings, and design customised reconciliation forms, enhancing trial efficiency and flexibility.


alesforce announced the release of Salesforce Spiff, a feature for managing incentive compensation that automates commissions and inspires sellers. With this new feature, Sales Cloud now offers sellers and sales managers a full growth platform from pipeline to paycheck.

Salesforce disclosed the beta availability of Einstein Copilot for Tableau, a new capability designed to help users in every role and function explore data with AI assistance.

Salesforce introduces new AI automation and integration capabilities within MuleSoft to boost developer, simplify workflows, accelerate time to value and business team productivity.

Salesforce releases playbook to support businesses in strengthening their defences against emerging cyber risks. This content provides the resources for any company to build their own bug bounty program as the cyber security landscape rapidly evolves.

Salesforce introduced three new Commerce Cloud innovations to help businesses build commerce sites that can boost revenue while delivering personalised customer experiences. These improved development and checkout capabilities will help merchants address growing customer expectations for a seamless, integrated experience across all channels.

Salesforce expanded its Einstein Copilot capabilities by introducing new features for marketers and merchants. Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s trusted and reliable conversational AI assistant, now helps businesses of all sizes with daily marketing and merchandising tasks, in addition to its existing functionalities for sales and service.

Salesforce’s latest generative and predictive AI is now available to channel managers, third-party resellers, brokers, and all types of indirect sellers. Salesforce announced new AI, CRM, and Slack sales innovations for its Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution.

Salesforce announced new solutions to help streamline and accelerate end-to-end order lifecycle management: MuleSoft’s Anypoint Partner Manager with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Order Management.

Salesforce has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape Report: Worldwide Enterprise B2C Digital Commerce Applications 2024 Vendor Assessment. Salesforce was evaluated for Commerce Cloud, which recently added new B2C commerce innovations that leverage data and AI to help businesses drive efficiency and revenue growth through tailored shopping experiences.

Salesforce announced a new solution Unified Knowledge that integrates organisational knowledge resources from disparate third-party systems into Salesforce, helping service agents be more efficient and resolve customer cases faster.

Salesforce has been ranked #1 CRM provider for the 11th consecutive year. Salesforce is also the #1 market share leader for CRM in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific (including Japan).

Tableau announced an expansion to its partnership with Microsoft to deliver deeper, data-driven, and actionable insights by integrating Tableau with Microsoft Teams and enhancing connectivity with Microsoft Fabric. With this announcement, Tableau is delivering on its promise of an open architecture, interoperability, and continuing to prioritise customer success.


For the 10th consecutive year, SAP has been named as a leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems.

SAP Signavio has once again been recognised as a Leader in the market based on Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute. Also, SAP Signavio has been recognised as a Leader in the 2024 SPARK Matrix for Digital Twin of an Organisation (DTO) for the fourth consecutive year.

SAP has been named as a Leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems.

For the 11th consecutive year, SAP is positioned in the Leaders quadrant based on Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.

Tech news

Microsoft is introducing new AI and data solutions to help manufacturers unlock innovation, optimize operations, and enhance employee productivity. These solutions include private previews of manufacturing data solutions and copilot templates for factory operations, aimed at leveraging data insights and streamlining front-line worker processes.

Microsoft plans to implement preventative and proactive principles into their generative AI technologies to prevent the misuse of AI for perpetrating and proliferating sexual harms against children.

Microsoft's commitment marks a significant step forward in preventing the misuse of AI technologies to create or spread child sexual abuse material, demonstrating a shared commitment to ethical innovation and the well-being of children.

Microsoft Education introduces new AI-powered tools like Reading Progress, Reading Coach, and Microsoft Loop to enhance student engagement and streamline educators' workflow.

Adobe introduces next generation of to accelerate content workflow and collaboration for every creative project.

With brand-new workflow management features, including a dynamic metadata foundation and intelligent folder system called Collections, V4 offers a cloud-based platform that is strong, adaptable, and fully customisable to support any kind of creative process, including those involving video.

Adobe and Microsoft partner to bring new generative AI capabilities to marketers as they work in Microsoft 365 applications.

With the help of these new integrated capabilities, marketers will be able to work with tools like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Word to create creative briefs, create content, manage content approvals, deliver experiences, and more. Adobe Experience Cloud applications and Microsoft Dynamics 365 will provide pertinent marketing insights and workflows to Microsoft Copilot.

Oracle announced new generative AI capabilities within the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite that will help customers improve decision making and enhance the employee and customer experience.

The latest AI additions include new generative AI capabilities embedded in existing business workflows across finance, supply chain, HR, sales, marketing, and service.

Salesforce announces implementation and data governance bundles for safe and secure AI rollouts. The AI Implementation Bundle provides essential development tools that help customers build, test, deploy, and extend AI experiences across their organizations.

Salesforce unveiled Public Sector Einstein 1 for Service, a suite of tools that helps government workers automate administrative operations and serve clients more quickly. These tools include CRM, trusted AI, and data capabilities. Public sector organisations may now efficiently generate case reports, record and format case interactions, and capture real-time call transcriptions.

AI developments in SAP SE's supply chain solutions are expected to unleash a revolutionary wave of manufacturing productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Businesses may leverage their own data to make better decisions across supply chains, expedite product development, and increase industrial efficiency with the use of AI-driven insights derived from real-time data.

Microsoft announced significant commitments to build new cloud and AI infrastructure in Thailand, provide AI skilling opportunities for over 100,000 people, and support the nation’s growing developer community. The company is establishing a new datacentre region in Thailand to expand the availability of Microsoft’s cloud services and facilitate enterprise-grade reliability, performance, and compliance with data residency and privacy standards.

Microsoft and OpenAI have launched a $2 million Societal Resilience Fund to promote AI education and literacy among voters and vulnerable communities, aiming to combat the deceptive use of AI content.

Microsoft is focusing on AI integration into Windows software to compete with other tech giants like Alphabet, Amazon, and Apple. Microsoft is promoting new developer tools and APIs, with a particular emphasis on its Github Copilot generative AI tool. Microsoft is also investing in AMD AI chips and OpenAI's technology to enhance its AI capabilities and is introducing new AI features in its Copilot+ personal computers.

The Symbiosis Coalition, comprised of Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Salesforce, aims to secure up to 20 million tons of high-quality nature-based carbon removal credits by 2030, signalling a strong demand for impactful restoration projects.

Accenture and Oracle are collaborating to bring generative AI solutions to help organisations optimise financial planning and analysis, driving value realisation and business transformation. The generative AI-powered solutions aim to empower CFOs by simplifying finance processes, enabling data-driven decision-making, and facilitating dynamic scenario planning.

IBM is expanding its generative AI skills and capabilities through open sourcing large-language Granite models and deepening collaborations with partners to meet enterprise clients' needs.

The new practice will help enterprise clients create their own AI foundation models and LLMs using an open-source approach, enabling them to accelerate performance and drive cost-efficiency.

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Transforming every business: Real-life examples of AI in action

Businesses can benefit from using AI in many ways, and the list of potential use cases keeps growing. Discover just a few of the ways in which organisations can apply AI to work better, save costs, automate time-consuming tasks and improve customer service.

Transforming every business: Real-life examples of AI in action

Businesses can benefit from using AI in many ways, and the list of potential use cases keeps growing. Discover just a few of the ways in which organisations can apply AI to work better, save costs, automate time-consuming tasks and improve customer service.


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