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Welcome to the New PyraCloud

You Asked, We Listened – Welcome to the New PyraCloud Menu

We are always working hard to improve the experience for our PyraCloud users, and we are very excited to announce that we have made some significant changes to the PyraCloud menu and navigation based on your feedback.

User Feedback

The PyraCloud User Experience lab conducted hundreds of interviews with users who provided feedback and participated in design sessions. We took on board all of your recommendations to simplify the menu and navigation structure within the platform and we hope you are as excited as we are with the results!


The Result – Our New Menu and UI

The result is a very clean menu with a reduced number of options, but ones focused on business outcomes. The new sections are divided into the most important aspects of your key tasks:

  • Buying new software
  • Analyzing your spending
  • Checking your inventory
  • Monitoring your SoftwareONE services

Buying New Software

We have grouped all of the features you need to manage your software transactions in the “Buy” section.

Clicking on “Buy” will open up the menu where you can then purchase CSP subscriptions, search for software products and services, see your favorites and shopping list, access all of your quotes and orders, view your shopping cart, set up purchase approval workflows and credit cards or view SPLA reports.

Buy new software in PyraCloud
Buying New Software

Analyzing your Spending

If you are looking to Analyze your software and cloud spend, you will find everything you need in the “Analyze” menu option. You can view your total software and cloud consumption or you can opt to view just your software assets, Azure, AWS or O365 consumption. You can set up budgets and alerts, view recommendations which can help you save costs and optimize your environment. You can access pre-defined reports or generate your own customized reports and setup chargebacks.

Analyze Spending in PyraCloud
Analyzing Your Spending

Checking your Inventory

Clicking on “Inventory” will open up the menu where you can then access your software downloads or license keys. You can view all of your cloud resources and software assets with supporting financial transaction documents. You can access your license agreements and manage your software and license renewals. On top of this you can access all of your transactional documentation like quotes, orders, invoices, credit memos and shipments.

Inventory in PyraCloud
Checking Your Inventory

Monitoring your SoftwareONE Services

If you are taking advantage of our AzureSimple and 365Simple services, you can now see an overview of your cloud and service status within PyraCloud from the “Services” menu option. By clicking on “Services”, you can view information on billing, open tickets, recommendations and alerts. You will have all of the summary information in a dashboard, while retaining the ability to leverage all of the PyraCloud tools to govern your cloud environments.

PyraCloud Monitoring Services


You will find everything you need to setup users, purchasing and spend management in the “Setup” menu option. From here you can manage your user permissions and set up notifications and alerts. You can setup purchase approval workflows, credit cards and your preferred currency. You can activate your cloud accounts, define your business structure and tagging methodology to effectively tag resources and report on software and cloud spend in the context of your business.

PyraCloud Setup

Help and Support

We have also made it easier for you to find help and support should you need it. The “Help” menu option is located on the bottom left of the new menu.  In here you can access our Help + Support page where you can check system health, submit a new ticket or view the status of existing tickets. You can also access our online Knowledge Base which has a number of articles and supporting videos to guide you through the various PyraCloud features.  Furthermore, you can check for recent release notes and planned maintenance schedules.

A Huge Thank You to YOU!

We are very excited about the opportunity this new PyraCloud menu and UI gives us to further enhance and simplify the platform.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our amazing customers who have contributed their time and ideas to help us achieve this new UI and navigation structure. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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