SoftwareONE’s Chief Innovation Officer talks more about GorillaStack acquisition

SoftwareONE’s Chief Innovation Officer Talks More About

GorillaStack Acquisition

SoftwareONE’s Chief Innovation Officer Talks More About GorillaStack Acquisition

SoftwareONE has recently acquired GorillaStack, a cloud cost management and real-time event monitoring SaaS platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform will also be made available to Azure customers in the near-term. GorillaStack’s co-founders CEO Oliver Berger and CTO Elliott Spira will both continue on in leadership roles at SoftwareONE. GorillaStack is one of only fifteen organizations world-wide to have achieved AWS Cloud Management Tools (CMT) competency status for resource and cost optimization. In this blog, our Chief Innovation Officer Mike Fitzgerald talks more about the acquisition.

GorillaStack’s innovative cloud management platform capabilities will be added to our proprietary PyraCloud platform. PyraCloud provides our customers with a digital platform to manage cost, performance and efficiency for their software and cloud environments. The addition of GorillaStack will enhance the end-to-end value proposition for SoftwareONE’s 65,000+ customers, specifically adding comprehensive Cloud Platform Management capabilities to manage, optimize, secure, and automate hyperscale cloud platforms. GorillaStack will also continue to be available to our customers on a standalone basis as “GorillaStack by PyraCloud”.

Over the past 4 years; our SoftwareONE Future Data Center business unit (Hyper Scale Cloud) has matured through our collaboration with our customers to be a leading cloud transformation and cloud managed services business. We have a continued focus to deliver the highest value to our customers in their journey to digitize their business using the leading cloud platforms from Microsoft and Amazon.

Our experience has provided significant insight and data on the challenges of our customers in designing (for), migrating (to) and optimizing (when in) workloads to the cloud. PyraCloud is positioned to support our customers in delivering that value in a digital platform, and the addition of GorillaStack strengthens our capabilities and offerings to our customers. GorillaStack with PyraCloud brings industry leading benefits to our customers:

  • SoftwareONE PyraCloud customers saved an average of 20% on software and cloud through the PyraCloud platform
  • GorillaStack customers saved an average of 36% last year on their cloud spend through real-time monitoring and automation
  • In 6 months of beta testing for Real-Time Events, GorillaStack customers monitored 6.5 Billion events and filtered them down to 500k notifications for end users
GorillaStack with PyraCloud brings industry leading benefits to our customers
GorillaStack with PyraCloud: customer benefits, source: SoftwareONE

GorillaStack with PyraCloud, and our Future Data Center services, help our customers to get the best business value from their investment in the hyper scale cloud platforms (Azure and AWS):

  • Analyze any workload; design, optimize and migrate to the cloud platform
  • Modernize your application portfolio; with efficient cloud native application stack
  • Modernize your business data estate
  • Support your teams to manage change, manage hyper scale cloud environments
  • Monitor Realtime Cloud spend, security and performance events, execute with automation
  • Monitor, manage and trend cloud spend behavior; trend against peers with data insights
  • Automate the right design, provision and scalability of your application in the cloud

"I’m confident in the value of our leading service portfolio, and the combination of value from GorillaStack and PyraCloud together for AWS and Azure. I’m looking forward to further innovation so we can continue to lead by adding value in this space."

Mike Fitzgerald, Chief Innovation Officer at SoftwareONE

Details About the GorillaStack Acquisition

To learn more about the GorillaStack acquisition please read the full press release.

View the full press release

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Mike Fitzgerald

Mike Fitzgerald

Chief Innovation Officer

IT-Security, Compliance, Cyber-Security

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