Oracle Advisory Services

Minimize Risk, Streamline Business Processes and Reduce Costs

Oracle Advisory Services

Our comprehensive range of Oracle Advisory Services will meet your needs, now and in the future.

Oracle’s powerful software comes with complex license and technical support policies. As a result, companies often struggle to assess and optimize existing Oracle investments, map business needs to new technology spend and the Cloud, and minimize compliance risk. Our global team of specialists have decades of proven expertise who ensure you get the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), reduce unnecessary expenses and eliminate the risk of non-compliance during an audit.

Our Advisory Services cover four Key Areas

Transparency and Compliance

Helping you understand all your compliance risks, Oracle product usage and ensuring you’re fully protected

Contract Analysis and Optimization

Finding you the best deal and helping you make the most of your investment (TCO)

License Management Maturity

We’ll ensure that your usage and future demand is fully identified, while helping you to manage it too

Managed Services

Take the weight off your IT and procurement resources and optimize your investment on Oracle

Your Roadmap to Success

1. Customer Workshop

Strategy and scoping of high level operational needs

2. Compliance Assessment

Gap analysis of entitlements versus deployment with Oracle approved methods

Optimization Settings

3. Deployment Optimization

Definition of the best Oracle deployment end-state along with non- standard terms

4. Contract Optimization

Reduce costs by (re)negotiating terms, and used technology

5. Subscription / Managed Service

Oracle Advisory subscription and Managed Service

Core Oracle Advisory Services

Oracle Contract Analysis (OCA)

We summarize products, metrics, quantities and costs, and discuss cost reduction strategies, alternative license models, compliance pitfalls and competitive dynamics.

Oracle Compliance Assessment

Working together, we capture and rationalize your license entitlements and usage, while offering suggestions to mitigate compliance gaps.

Oracle Deployment Optimization

This service collects and analyzes Oracle-related deployment details and presents high-priority compliance risk areas and recommended remediation strategies.

Oracle ULA Optimization

We help you maximize and defend your certification totals. Plus ULAs offer the unique opportunity to use Oracle’s license and compliance to your advantage.

Oracle Audit Support

We are by your side throughout the entire Oracle Audit. We assist with collecting and validating any software license documents and data. Working directly or indirectly with the auditor we support you all the way.

Oracle Technology Solutions

We provide an overview of your current and future Oracle technologies and products, including Cloud. Together with your team, we define the Oracle infrastructure roadmap for your company that aligns with business needs.

Industry leading Oracle advice and support

Our specialists’ proven expertise is ready to work for you. Get the answers you need.

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