Reduce Costs, Optimize Licenses and Minimize Audit Risks

Our Experts Analyze Your Oracle IT Infrastructure and Provide Guidance for Your Licensing Metrics

While Oracle’s software is powerful, its licensing policies are complex. Customers can unintentionally become non-compliant and expose themselves to large fines. With SoftwareONE’s comprehensive range of advisory services, you can rest assured your company will have a clear and effective Oracle roadmap that meets all your software needs.

Oracle Advisory Services

SoftwareONE’s Oracle Advisory Services are designed to meet your business needs now and in the future. All the answers you need are here.

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Java Advisory Services

SoftwareONE’s Java Advisory Services offers comprehensive intelligence based solutions that ensure your company is fully covered regarding the latest Java licensing changes.

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Oracle Challenges

We can assist with the various Oracle challenges you may encounter including:

How can we reduce compliance risk and the associated unbudgeted costs?

We work closely with your team to collect deployment data and to reduce risks and costs. This is supported with optimization advice from industry experts.

What’s the most cost-effective way of purchasing Oracle software?

Our experts will review orders to see whether the discounts are in-line with the market without trying to resell the software to you. This gives you a comprehensive benchmark.

Are the products, metrics and quantities we’ve licensed suited to our business?

With extensive knowledge across the Oracle portfolio, our experts work closely with you to reduce your spend and compliance exposure.

Is there a better way of optimizing our existing Oracle deployment?

We work with customers to determine an optimal deployment end-state and look at the quickest and most cost-effective way to get there.

SoftwareONE Oracle Process

Industry Leading Oracle Advice and Support

Our specialists’ have decades of proven expertise that’s ready to work for you. Get the answers you need.

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