Getting Ready For The Cloud – How To Master Your Cloud Migration

Evaluation, Design, and Migration to Yandex.Cloud

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Cloud transformation is not just a cost-effective alternative to in-house servers, but also a driver of change and growth. SoftwareONE provides top-notch cloud migration services by leveraging its global cloud deployment expertise. We will help you assess the current condition of your IT infrastructure or applications and plan your migration to Yandex.Cloud. Based on the results of our work, we will prepare a document for you describing how the implementation of cloud platform capabilities can contribute to your IT modernization and business development. 


Project phases

Introductory workshop

Introduction to the key benefits and features of Yandex.Cloud. The workshop will give you an understanding of the main functions and features of Yandex.Cloud. Our experts will prepare specific Yandex.Cloud use cases that are most likely and relevant in your IT infrastructure.

Audit based on the workshop results

Research on the key components of the IT landscape and business processes identified after the workshop. As part of this phase, we will jointly analyze which IT components are ready to move to the cloud, how this migration will affect the efficiency of IT and business, as well as the economic and logical relevance of these activities.

Assessment and planning

Summary of the previous steps. This is the final phase. Based on its results, we will give recommendations and develop a plan for the migration of infrastructure or applications. We will also prepare an assessment and presentation of the benefits of migration to Yandex.Cloud platform for your company.

Yandex.Cloud is the source of opportunities for creating your own products, digital transformation, and business growth

Business growth

With Yandex.Cloud, you can organize fast product launches, scale flexibly when demand/traffic increases, and get new sources of business.

Response to challenges

The platform will help ensure a quick reaction to challenges such as the loss of revenue due to the unavailability of services, the cost of customer returns, and employee downtime.

      Expansion of the current IT landscape

You can expand your IT infrastructure by combining it with Yandex.Cloud data centers using dedicated network connections. The solution library and compatible tools make it possible to use the capabilities of both Yandex.Cloud and global cloud vendors.

Data security and server reliability

The platform ensures the highest level of personal data protection (UZ-1), complies with the requirements for the storage of personal data prescribed by 152-FZ, GDPR, ISO industry standards, meets PCI DSS and GOST R 57580 certification requirements.

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Почему переезд в облако — лучшее решение для вашего бизнеса?

Запись вебинара: "Как переехать в облако и помочь бизнесу вырасти. Объясняем на цифрах и примерах".

Если вы все еще думаете, нужно ли облако вашему бизнесу, посмотрите запись вебинара, который провели эксперты SoftwareONE и Yandex.Cloud. Спикеры развеют популярные мифы об облаках, подробно разберут возможности и инструменты для масштабирования бизнеса Yandex.Cloud.

Why SoftwareONE?

SoftwareONE helps customers achieve their goals. Together with our team of experts, you will work out your own path to the cloud services necessary to make your business a success — quickly, easily, and with maximum benefit. SoftwareONE's global expertise in migrating to the cloud helps companies of all sizes develop and implement their technology strategies, acquire cloud solutions, as well as manage and optimize their software resources. Ready to get the most out of your investment in Yandex.Cloud? Contact us to learn more.

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