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Optimize Your Citrix Deployment

SoftwareONE and our network of partners can support businesses of any size.

Citrix Publisher Advisory Services

Citrix has a vast software portfolio that’s challenging to optimize – even for an enterprise-sized IT team. A partnership with SoftwareONE can provide top-of-the-line optimizations for businesses of any size, ranging from small businesses in niche markets, all the way to bustling enterprises. Our network of vendor-neutral experts can provide guidance not only for your Citrix deployment, but also for the various services that interact with your Citrix deployment.

Why is Citrix Challenging to Manage?


With so many options to choose from, SoftwareONE helps negotiate the best possible contract with Citrix.


Citrix offerings provide a range of features. We’ll ensure you’re using each one optimally.


SoftwareONE is a key resource in addressing proactive renewals, and estimating future resource utilization.

Customer Story: Exceptional Cost Savings

A large organization with 130,000 seats and 6,000 Citrix users sought our guidance for optimizing their solution. After applying discounts and optimizing their renewals, the organization saved $712,033 over a three-year period.

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