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John De Los Reyes

John De Los Reyes

John De Los Reyes

Practice Lead - Technology

John is a Unified Communications and Productivity expert. Currently, he serves as the Global Practice Lead - Future Workplace at SoftwareONE. In this role, he helps companies find a flexible approach to address their unique challenges when merging their technology strategy with their commercial and compliance needs.

Adopt 365

Внедрение M365, часть 3: Продуктивные изменения в компании с M365

Microsoft 365 можно использовать для обеспечения продуктивных изменений в организации. Узнайте, как реагировать на сопротивления от коллег во время внедрения, управлять потреблением и поддерживать вовлеченность сотрудников.


Внедрение M365: Как построить план развития M365 в компании

Будь то первое знакомство с Microsoft 365 (M365) или развертывание новых компонентов – внедрение новых технологий требует изменений.

microsoft teams

How to Create a Microsoft Teams Meeting

There are a few different ways to create a meeting in Microsoft Teams. Read up to learn more about Teams meetings to give your overall efficiency a boost.


When Deploying UC, What’s the Best Way to Develop a Device Strategy?

In any effective UC strategy, devices cannot be an afterthought. Let’s look at a few considerations that will help drive your device strategy.

Enabling Compliance & Savings

Work From Home Guide Part 2: How to Stay Connected

Keep reading part two of your complete guide to working from home with Microsoft Teams.

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