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SoftwareONE Блог

Блог SoftwareONE

В блоге представлены авторы со всей нашей компании. Они дают представление о последних технологических темах, выпусках продуктов или тенденциях в отрасли.


How to Secure Your Multi-Cloud for Maximum Efficiency

Optimizing one cloud solution can be quite the challenge, let alone three or more. Let’s take a look at why multi-cloud is so vital to business today, and how to maximize its efficiency.

Cyber Threat Bulletin 2020-04

Cyber Security Update - April 2020

The threat of networked cybercrime grows daily and remote work is challenging cybersecurity. Read more about recent attacks in our Cyber Threat Bulletin.

Stay in Control of Your Data

Work from Home Guide Part 3: Staying Secure While Working from Home

The popularity of remote work has exploded in recent months leaving companies unsure of the best security practices. Learn how to secure your own workplace in this new environment.

SoftwareONE Cyber Security Updates - November 2019

Бюллетень киберугроз: Ноябрь 2019г

В нашей ноябрьской версии мы расскажем об этих атаках и расскажем, как эффективно защитить ваши сети от вымогателей и утечек данных.

4 Reasons Every Organization Needs Cloud Security

4 Reasons Every Organization Needs Cloud Security

While many organizations may believe a cloud environment can be deployed within their existing security infrastructure, this isn’t the case. Let’s take a closer look at four reasons why cloud security is essential to your organization.

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