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Broadcom’s Acquisition of VMware – Brace for Impact

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Watch our on-demand webinar to find out what Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware means for your business.

Are you a VMware user? Then your world has changed!

Broadcom's recent $69bn acquisition of VMware disrupts the multi-cloud landscape and means there are now new realities you need to navigate.

Watch our on-demand webinar hosted by SoftwareOne’s resident VMware expert Marco Vogel and featuring a panel of cloud specialists to understand the impact on your own cloud experience.

Key Insights

  • Act early: prepare for upcoming renewals and navigate the changes ahead
  • Perpetual licensing update: explore the end of renewals and the shift to new subscription models
  • Licensing shift: individual product licenses phased out, subscription model reinforced
  • EUC and Carbon Black Solutions: Vmware EUC business has been sold already, Carbon Black will be integrated into another Broadcom division
  • Navigating ecosystem shifts: Legacy partners face adjustments. As a 'Pinnacle' tier partner, SoftwareOne continues to offer consistent top-tier service globally.

VMware by Broadcom is driving change. Invest 30 minutes now and get a glimpse of the multi-cloud roadmap ahead.

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