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How ISVs can transform their business by modernizing their products on cloud

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Independent software vendors (ISVs) continuously push to innovate their products and bring a differentiated value proposition to customers to drive business growth. In today’s highly competitive market, ISVs are transforming into SaaS businesses while balancing product innovation and customer needs. In addition, many ISVs face challenges in adopting cloud services while modernizing their products or applications.

By modernizing their products in the cloud, ISVs can reduce costs, deliver product features faster, add innovation to their offerings, offer simplified deployment, and drive revenue growth.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn the following:

  • The case for transformation with a product-led growth strategy
  • How to accelerate and reduce the risk of a product transformation journey
  • The power of adopting product modernization strategies to achieve business growth
  • How ISVs can become cutting-edge companies with the help of cloud and app modernization


  • Bob McGinley, Growth Leader for Application Modernization, SoftwareOne
  • Atul Totre, Global Head of ISV Product Modernization, AWS