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Embracing the Power of the Cloud

The values that a public or hybrid cloud environment bring to an organization are key to helping organizations move from stagnant to transformative in today’s always on world and include, but are not limited to, cost optimization, infrastructure flexibility, agility and scalability to address your concerns at a faster pace.

However, moving to the cloud does not come without complications – and often these complications exceed the capabilities, or time available, or the inhouse expertise. Managed Cloud is SoftwareONE’s single cloud focused service to remove the complexity of managing your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. We help you to simplify your daily IT work while driving strategic business outcomes.

Despite providing a multitude of benefits, cloud computing also has some challenges. If these problems aren’t addressed, it could compromise the value of your entire cloud environment. Here are several common challenges our customers experienced when managing the public cloud:

Ensuring operational efficiency

Architecting for the cloud, specifically when multiple teams are involved, is not an easy undertaking. Organizations may struggle with areas like workload management, orchestration, and integration.

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Business alignment

Cloud modernization is not a one-size-fits-all approach. When developing a cloud strategy and management plan, organizations have their own unique set of processes and needs that must be considered.

Maintaining Governance

Regulatory frameworks that support or complement privacy and data security legislation are evolving rapidly. It can be challenging to understand regulatory requirements and establish a governance.

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Optimizing cloud cost and utilization

Commercial and technical teams often do not have the appropriate oversight and capabilities to successfully optimize cloud costs.

Finding skills and resources in the market

A lack of internal cloud expertise and knowledge is a common challenge for many organizations. Unfortunately, training and retaining cloud skills is an extensive and costly process.

SoftwareONE is Keeping up the Backbone of Customer Transactions & Engagement at Omnico

Learn more about how SoftwareONE has helped Omnico to deliver the required speed, scalability, automation, and rapid support response for customers around the world. Using Managed Cloud enabled Omnico to access SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud for comprehensive Azure cloud cost management, which has lowered cloud expenses by nearly half and met fluctuating demands during the pandemic.

Leading with Simplicity and Intelligence

By moving to the cloud, organizations can cut the cost of running their centralized computing networks and servers, improving the time to market with automated systems. Our Managed Cloud services enable organizations to do the following:

Faster decision-making process

Make prompt and informed decisions with visibility into potential savings and their impact on the organization.

Optimized costs

Proactively manage spend by identifying anomalies for consumption spikes and leveraging budget thresholds.

Increased scalability

You can easily enable and disable services on your own per subscription or resource.

Maintain compliance and security

Our fully integrated Change Management services deliver control and consistency across your cloud environment, preventing sprawl and improving stability.

Unleash the Power of Managed Cloud

SoftwareONE’s Managed Cloud services enable organizations to fully embrace the power and cost benefits of cloud computing, data backup and storage, and cost optimization. In doing so, organizations can develop leading products and services in their multi‑cloud environment.

Managed Cloud Service Overview

Let Our Experts Take The Weight

SoftwareONE’s Managed Cloud service drives ongoing value of your cloud investment through cost optimization, security and operational excellence. With the help of a local Service Success Manager, we will help you to identify, drive and automate strategic business outcomes across your cloud deployments.

Using an integrated, operational toolset, Managed Cloud lets you remove the burden of traditional maintenance activities while providing continual improvement and optimization of your cloud environment. Select from the modules of your choice below and simply pay for what you consume. On top of that, getting access to SoftwareONE's spend management platform PyraCloud provides you with the highest flexibility to turn services on and off as needed and update operational requirements in real time.

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