Enhanced Process Efficiency with Microsoft PowerApps

Case Study

Process Optimization with Microsoft PowerApps

Process Optimization with Microsoft PowerApps

Enhanced Efficiency & Transparency for Internal Processes

A project management consultancy company needed enhanced transparency for internal processes ranging from IT ticket management to travel requests. Using email processes had created confusion and poor progress tracking. An Office 365 solution was intended to make full use of the platform benefits. And a strong focus was placed on optimizing features that support a mobile environment.

SoftwareONE helped the company to implement Microsoft PowerApps for transparent and more efficient processing. Now employees and staff can easily access and see any current transaction status, even on their mobile devices.

The company’s IT Department is also able to implement new solutions as needed, and the environment can be maintained and upgraded internally.

The Project

  • Customer: Project management consultancy company

  • Industry: Consulting Services

  • Services: Implementation of Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Power Automate on Office 365

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About the Customer

This company is among the leading project management consultancy firms. Located in Germany, its 120 employees support customers, including multinationals in the fields of automotive, energy, banking and telecommunications. They successfully oversee the completion of large and complex projects in Germany and abroad.

The Challenge

The primary objective of this project was to enhance internal process transparency. For instance, improvements were needed in the management of IT tickets and booking requests via Travel Management. Most of these processes had been dealt with by email, which had led to a degree of confusion around their status and progress.

Moreover, a solution was needed that would run on the Office 365 Suite in order to make full use of this platform’s benefits. A particular focus was placed on the optimization of all tools for use in a mobile environment.

The Solution

As part of the consultancy, SoftwareONE recommended PowerApps from Microsoft. This enables the flexible customization of necessary forms according to customer requirements and their visualization for specific roles.

Based on Microsoft SharePoint Online, all of the customer’s data sources were smoothly integrated within the individual PowerApps. The deployment of Microsoft Power Automate enabled a rapid automation of all processes. In addition, an on-premises version of SharePoint was rolled out using the Web application proxy. This set up pre-authentication through Active Directory Federation Services to enable external access.

The Result

  • Greater transparency & efficient processing: Employees & departments can access the current processing status at any time – stand-in arrangements can be organized seamlessly
  • Better flexibility: Employees can use all components of the solution on mobile devices – wherever they happen to be
  • Rapid availability: As required, solutions have been implemented and rolled out for productive use within two months
  • Independent maintenance & further development: The new target environment can be internally maintained and upgraded by the IT Department
  • Better utilization of the cloud-based added value of the existing Office 365 platform
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