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Optimise your Microsoft investment with Teams Calling

John FariaProduct Manager – Unified Communications

In today's digital era, effective communication is paramount for business success. For customers on Microsoft 365 with E5 licensing, there's a hidden gem that can transform their communication landscape – Microsoft Teams Phone. This powerful cloud solution turns the Teams platform into a comprehensive business telephony system, offering a remarkable opportunity to save costs by retiring expensive legacy telephony systems. In this blog post, we explore the benefits and potential of Teams Phone and how it can transform your organisation's communication strategy.

Cost savings are a significant advantage of adopting Teams Phone for business communication. By retiring legacy phone solutions such as traditional telephony, VoIP PBXs, and other integrated voice providers, businesses can achieve substantial cost reductions. In addition to replacing previous systems, organisations can save on long-distance and international call charges, as well as mobile phone reimbursement costs for users.

According to Forrester research conducted by Microsoft in 2022, for composite organisations, transitioning to Teams Phone led to impressive cost savings. Enterprises eliminated costs amounting to $10.8 million, while SMBs achieved savings of $94,600, as revealed in the analysis. The move to Teams Phone from other hosted calling solutions or VoIP PBX solutions paved the way for these substantial savings.

Teams Phone not only reduces costs but also streamlines telephony support efforts. With the ability to manage Teams Phone using the same console as Microsoft 365, IT organisations experienced time savings, reduced complexity, and required fewer specialised skills compared to previous solutions.

Why you should integrate your phone system to Microsoft Teams

Teams Phone empowers your business to transform Microsoft Teams into a comprehensive business telephony platform. By retiring your expensive legacy phone systems, you can streamline operations, boost collaboration, and achieve a significant return on investment. So, why should you start thinking about integrating your systems into Microsoft Teams?

  • Integrated cloud-based telephony

    Teams Phone is a cloud-based telephony solution that comes bundled within Microsoft’s E5 licensing. Leveraging the capabilities of Teams, it equips your business with a fully functional and feature-rich telephony system. This integration allows you to seamlessly consolidate your communication tools and streamline operations.

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams

    If you are on a Microsoft 365E5 plan, you already have access to Microsoft Teams, a widely adopted collaboration platform. By enabling Teams Phone, you can integrate telephony seamlessly, eliminating the need for separate telephony hardware or software. This integration enhances efficiency and reduces costs associated with maintaining separate communication channels.

  • Cost benefits for E5 customers

    You can unlock substantial cost benefits by investing in Teams Phone as an E5 customer. Retiring legacy telephony systems results in reduced hardware, software, and maintenance expenses, allowing for cost-effective communication without compromising quality or productivity.

  • Scalability and flexibility

    One of the key advantages of Teams Phone is its scalability. As a cloud-based solution, your organisation can easily add or remove phone lines as needed, catering to dynamic growth or seasonal fluctuations. The flexibility it offers ensures your communication strategy can adapt quickly to changing business needs.

  • Enterprise-grade communication

    With basic and advanced call control options to suite organisations large or small. Teams Phone provides users access to market leading technology at their fingertips with a long list of features and integration options. Organisations can now empower their employees in remote, in-office, or hybrid work environments with the flexibility of Teams Phone working on all devices.

By leveraging the power of Teams Phone, businesses can modernise their communication landscape, increase efficiency, and stay agile in the digital era. If you haven't explored this game-changing solution yet, now is the time to act and unleash its full potential within your organisation.

Are you ready to revolutionise your communication strategy and unlock the full potential of Teams Phone?

Act now and explore the benefits with an Envision Workshop from SoftwareOne. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of retiring legacy systems, enhancing productivity, and implementing a Teams Calling pilot to experience the transformative power of this solution firsthand. Maximise your ROI from your existing Microsoft investments and embrace a cost-effective, modernised communication approach with Teams Phone.


Transform your communication strategy with Microsoft Teams Phone

Understand the process of retiring legacy systems, enhancing productivity, and implementing a Teams Calling pilot.

Transform your communication strategy with Microsoft Teams Phone

Understand the process of retiring legacy systems, enhancing productivity, and implementing a Teams Calling pilot.



John Faria
Product Manager – Unified Communications

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